Your Baby Won’t Stop Crying? Follow only 2 Steps

How to Deal with Whining in Babies
If you are new parents remain silent while making crying baby waking at night and will be going through the laborious nights, right? Well, your child’s feet are on the pressing certain points you can stop your baby’s crying.

Now you’ll be surprised at how your child’s feet can get some points calm them down and stop crying can get.

You’ll be really doubt whether this method really works or not, do you? Well it is said that reflexology is an ancient method of healing is being used for many years.

The Chinese people had started. Reflexology pressure on certain points of the body is pressed so that they can be certain symptoms and disease. 

When pressed a few points on a regular basis are positive changes in the body and thus less discomfort. If you want your child to make him stop crying at his feet hit two points.


Why cry baby?

As we know that when children are small, at least as long as they do not speak, they can not talk to your parents and tell them how they find the pain and discomfort is. When the child hungry, tired, sick or cry when they need to be cleared. Initially, it becomes very difficult for parents to find out what is going wrong with that kid and why he is constantly crying.

Why cry baby?

Usually when a child has difficulty some parents do not see such as headache, stomach pain, nauseate etc. Then they start crying and the parents do not understand it.

What type of reflexology is helpful?

If your child is crying out for an hour or so frequent that Gastritis due to pain in his stomach, causing him a headache or cold.

Your baby’s feet, slowly pressing fingers (each finger approximately 3 minutes), you can reduce the headache. Similarly, pressing the baby’s leg just below the middle of the gas due to the child pain relief. When the pain is reduced so that the baby stops crying and get comfortable. However, if the problem still persists, consult a doctor.


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