Why Passive Smoking Is More Dangerous Than Smoking

Why Passive Smoking Is More Dangerous Than Smoking

Have you ever heard of passive smoking? If you have any neighbor or coworker that is a smoker, maybe you have been a passive smoker, and you didn’t even notice before. Here we illustrate you about the risks involved in the exposure to smoke that is not yours and you cannot measure. After all, when someone smokes in the proximity of others, they could be sharing their smoking too!
Why Passive Smoking Is More Dangerous Than Smoking
What is Smoking?
First of all, let’s clear out the basics, just in case:
Smoking is the consumption of the nicotine present in tobacco through the inhalation of the smoke derived from the combustion of said tobacco and the subsequent absorption of this active substance into the bloodstream. Smoking is primarily incompatible with health because it interferes with basic bodily functions, such as normal respiration. It is considered a dangerous way of consuming nicotine because of the very nature of smoke damages lungs, mucous membranes, the human skin, and others parts of the body that may absorb many components that become a risk factor of tobacco when ignited.
Passive smoking damages
It has been common knowledge for more than a decade that passive smoking causes cancer in humans. It can also raise the risk of heart disease significantly on people that have no control over the environment where they smoke second-hand. They cannot control the amount of smoke they will inhale, and it would affect them as much as the person that actually smokes. Some of the risks associated with passive smoking are statically proven to rise by 1000% if the passive smoker additionally smokes on his/her own, or if this passive smoker has smoked during some period of his/her life before.
What Are E-Cigarettes?
E-cigarettes are a fairly recent invention that came from a very determined Chinese doctor who lost his progenitor to sickness and complications derived from smoking. They act as a safer way to consume nicotine because, in contrast to the smoking method, in which combustion of tobacco is required, they use vaporization, a method where the tobacco isn’t burned.
This method is very similar to the one used in smoking Argilah tobacco with a hookah. Instead of burning the tobacco directly, a liquid (often called tobacco e-juice), which contains the desired amount of nicotine for the occasion, is vaporized at controlled temperatures by a heating device so it can be inhaled easily by the consumer. This device often is provided with accessories such as a reusable battery, ac cable to charge it, and refillable cartridges so the user can smoke the equivalent to numerous cigarettes a day. 
The advantages of the use of e-liquids are pretty evident when you realize that, in addition to protecting yourself from consuming more nicotine than you are used to,  it is truly easier for you to know how much nicotine you are smoking every time
Each vial, cartridge or tank comes with quantity measure in ml and in nicotine concentration level. This can be especially useful when starting the process of quitting nicotine addiction, for example, as it is very easy to schedule the gradual lowering of your nicotine dosage until you start using a nicotine-free e-liquid and have finally cut off nicotine from your system.
Smoke vs. Vapor 
Vapor has a clear advantage regarding health issues you can save yourself from. When compared to smoking, vaporizing results in a better experience because it doesn’t irritate the mucous membranes of the human body, and in the end, it doesn’t damage the lungs and the skin of the smoker and the passive smoker. 
Regarding consumer experience with tobacco products, e-liquid can be flavored to make a more interesting experience for the consumer. There are almost unlimited flavors to choose from, and new formulas are appearing each month so each company can maintain their clients interested. One of those flavors is Tobacco e-juice, an e-liquid that replicates the classic and highly recognizable flavor of fresh tobacco, so you feel like you taste a natural tobacco product straight from the tobacco fields. 
What are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate and try the new way of getting your nicotine, with a nice flavor of your choice at every puff!


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