When to See a Doctor for Illness and Injury

Doctor for Illness and Injury
It is unreasonable and can be costly if you run to the doctor’s office every time something is wrong with your body. You probably know someone who goes to the doctor a lot because they have a sniffle or sneezed one too many times. But there are times when a doctor is necessary for you to get better. There are a number of signs and symptoms that can indicate that you need to visit the doctor. If you are concerned about whether you need to make an appointment you can call your doctor’s office and see if they want you to come in. 
When to See a Doctor for Illness and Injury
Here are five things to look at when determining if you need to see a doctor:
If you have the cold or flu and it is accompanied by a fever, you may want to consider calling your doctor. High fevers, anything at 100 degrees fahrenheit or above can be dangerous and leave permanent damage if left untreated. If medicine has been taken and it has not helped it is definitely time to see your doctor. If it is accompanied by vomiting, hallucinations, or sweating you may even want to consider a trip to the ER depending on the severity of your symptoms. 
No Improvement
If your cold hasn’t improved after several days of taking medication, it is time to call the doctor. Most diseases have a natural healing cycle. Take hemorrhoids for example. Many people who have them will ask, how long does it take for hemorrhoids to heal all the way. This is because they do not disappear instantly. There is a process that takes time. Depending on what it is, it will have a different length of time. If there is no improvement for anything, cold, cough, hemorrhoid, or even acne, talk with your doctor.   
Severe Reactions 
There are a lot of reasons as to why you have serious reactions but it is a good rule to use, if you are having bad reactions you need to take a trip to the doctor. It could be something you ate something and started vomiting non stop, you will want to go to see a doctor. You may have started a new medication and you are super dizzy or you start having a really bad rash. These are signs that your body is having a severe reaction to the medication. If you or someone you know goes unconscious, stops breathing, or exhibit signs of a heart attack, a trip to the Emergency Room is necessary. 
It is safe to say that anything with blood could be a good time to visit the doctor. If you are bleeding heavily from you arm, leg, or chest area it is a good time to make an appointment. Vomiting blood is a sure sign of something more serious going on with your body. Women who experience long and heavy menstrual cycles should also make a visit to your doctor to see if something else is going on inside you.  
Excessive Pain
Everybody will experience pain in life. It is part of the human condition. But pain that is constant, dull, and sharp needs to be addressed. It could be back pain that is so debilitating that you have to take time off of work. Or maybe it is pain that is located to a muscle that is painful to move everytime. There are a lot of different reasons why you could be in pain. A trip to the doctor will help you diagnose and find the root of the cause. Stop trying to treat your symptoms, the pain, and take care of the actual problem so you can live a pain free life.  
When did you not go to the doctor and regretted it later on? Share with a friend or comment below to start the conversation. 


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