When Should I Go For Spinal Stenosis

When Should I Go For Spinal Stenosis
Do you experience severe back pain? Do you need a support of cane or walker while standing, walking or sitting? Then this must be the case of spinal injury and spinal stenosis can be the answer of this.
In general, spinal stenosis occurs among the aged one and grows gradually if not treated properly. This is one of the most common problems among the old people but nowadays, many young people are also facing the same issue and it can happen due to a severe accident, previous surgery, dislocation, and etc. But in old people, it happens due to osteoarthritis, thickening of the body ligaments that connect the bones to the spine or deterioration of the cushioning between disks in the spinal cord or vertebrae. These cause the spinal cord becoming narrow. This results in the inability while walking or standing because the narrowing of the spinal cord pinches the nerve that connects spinal cord and legs.
The same disability has now affected almost 8-10% of the American people and these are mostly over 50 years old. To get it corrected, one should consult with a best spinal surgeon in Delhi NCR without any further delay.
The major symptoms of spinal stenosis are:
•    Extreme numbness
•    Sudden weakness
•    Cramping or pain in the legs, thighs or feet
•    Inability to walk, stand or while sitting
The symptoms tend to worsen over a period of time and the pain around legs and hips can stiffen the complete posture of yours.
Spinal stenosis doesn’t show any immediate aftermath but causes backpack, hip pain or joints pain as the nerves go down towards the legs. And the narrowing of the spinal cord reduces the blood flow to nerves in the lower back. And most amazingly, the pain disappears or diminishes after a time when a patient lies down on the bed or sits down in a resting position.

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That pinched nerve generally caused by a bulging disk, which may hurt most of the time. Do you know that a pinched nerve which happens due to a protruding disk often resolves on its own but there is no permanent solution to spinal stenosis? A physiotherapist may suggest some regular exercises which can help maintain blood flow to the nerves to reduce leg pain and numbness. Mild pain is controllable by staying simply active.
Patients who received corticosteroids with lidocaine experienced no additional pain relief as compared to those who received lidocaine injections alone. It is great for temporary relief of pain.
Here are some options that you can opt as the best way: 
Lumbar laminectomy– In this process, the surgeon creates space by removing the lamina that covers your spinal canal to relieve pressure on the spinal cord or nerves. In some cases, surgeons also connect two or more bones in the back, to help stabilise the spine.
Minimally invasive laminectomy – The surgeons make tiny incisions through which a small camera is induced which are called a laparoscope to perform the lamina removal and spinal fusion. Always opt for best surgeon for spinal surgeryto be completely cured.
Implantable devices– In this case, the surgeons insert a device into the back of the spinal cord and then try to prevent a patient from bending too far backwards at the narrowed segment of the spinal cord.


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