What to do when the baby starts tooth?

What to do when the baby starts tooth
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What to do when the baby starts tooth?

Usually, babies begin to arrive from the age of about 6 months, but it is normal for 3-4 months to get children’s tooth even from the age of 1 years.

Before leaving the teeth, they grow inside the infant’s gums, so that your baby may have trouble. He will start sprouting the saliva, will try to chew everything and it will appear irritated.

To reduce the hassle of your baby:

  1. Rub its gums lightly with your little finger.
  2. Give a solid cheese to chew it – raw carrot, piece of juice.
  3. Put things in the cup, because it can cause pain in the sucking.
What to do when the baby starts tooth?

Avoiding cold Air

  1. Do not move the infant in the cold air, because this increases the pain of getting toothache.
  2. When all babies come to the tooth (usually up to 2 years of age), give them plenty of chewing food, fresh fruits and raw vegetables. Not only will these muscles strengthen their jaws, but the teeth will remain clean.
  3. Cleaning is also important for milk teeth, so use your baby to brush teeth. For this, bring him a round and soft hair brush and present the cleaning of the teeth in such a way that the child should have some fun game and he can take care of his teeth with great passion.
  4. If your baby’s food is not sugar-like items such as sweets, cakes, chocolate, biscuits and sweet drinks, it can be easily prevented.
  5. Ensure that calcium and vitamin D are abundant in the baby’s dose, because these two elements are essential for the healthy production of permanent teeth.
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