What are the most common types of Joint replacement surgeries?

Joint replacement
One of the best ways to get rid of joint pain is joint replacement surgery. It’s a safe procedure that many patients undergo to get relief from pain.
What are the most common types of Joint replacement surgeries?
The most common types of joint replacement surgeries are:

Total Knee Replacement

When it comes to leading an active life, without any pain, healthy knees are important. They are the largest joint in the body. Injury, arthritis and many other problems can make your knee damage, making it difficult to carry out basic activities. Total knee replacement is for those people who suffer from chronic knee inflammation, knee deformity, etc.
In total knee replacement, your damaged cartilage surfaces at the ends of the femur and tibia will be removed by your joint replacement surgeon and then they will be replaced with metal components to give them a new surface inside the joint. To make the joint smooth, a spacer is also implanted between the metal components.

Total Hip Replacement

A hip is a ball-and-socket joint covered in articular cartilage. Arthritis or injury can wear them down causing pain. In hip replacement surgery, the damaged ball of the joint will be removed by your hip treatment doctor. After removing the ball, it will get replaced with a metal stem that attaches to the bone.
Surgery is needed in cases when your pain limits your movement and non-surgical methods are ineffective. To get the treatment done successfully, you need to get a good doctor. You can search online for the list of best hip treatment doctors.

Shoulder Joint Pain

Shoulders are another example of a ball-socket-joint. When you move your shoulder, the cartilage surfaces of the ball and socket should effortlessly slide against each other. Arthritis or fracture can cause damage to the shoulder, leading to shoulder replacement surgery. Your joint replacement surgeon will determine the extent of shoulder damage and will perform the surgery accordingly.
Joint pains are not easy, they are annoying and tiring. Throw them away, today!


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