Ways to Improve Health in The Year 2017

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A healthy life is a happy life, we have all heard this. But what are we doing to take care of our health? We are so caught up into our mechanical lives that we barely set aside time for pondering while you are having period of the dissertation assistance over the health. In this article I have compiled list of ways you can improve your health. Let’s find out!
Ways to Improve Health in The Year 2017
1. Start by Getting More Exercise
It is a given! If you want to stay healthy you will to set time aside for exercise. You have to be willing to commit to an exercising routine as exercising only helps if you stick with it for the long term. There are a variety of exercises at our disposal and you don’t have to do each of them, just pick the ones you like and get to it.
Exercising does not have to be hitting the gym, it could be your workout at home to participating in a team sport such as swimming or attending a yoga class, heck even walking counts as exercising. So if you haven’t been exercising as of late then you should start as soon as you can. Start small such as with walking and once you get the hang of it, venture into more advanced forms of exercising.
Start by Getting More Exercise
2. Seek to Reduce Stress
Stress is a real killer. It destroys health and if one thing you can look to cut down in 2017, it should be on stress. It will guarantee your health as well as happiness. All you have to do is find a way whereby you can dispose of the negativity stress brings with it. In this journey, meditation and mindfulness will greatly help you combat stress.
Seek to Reduce Stress
3. Develop More Connections
We are all more digitally connected than we are connected in person. So the advice is that when you disconnect from the digital space, look to develop more connections in the real world. Arrange meet with friends or spend more time with your family by sitting with them often. Work on strengthening ties with the community and, in turn,it will leave a positive impact on your health.
4. Drop the Habit of Smoking
We all know how smoking is injurious to health. Better quit it if you want to improve your overall health. If refraining from smoking and its withdrawal effects are too much for you to handle, vaping is a viable alternative for you.
Although, I suggest you give up on it completely but if the want for nicotine especially for those who are workaholics, is tough to resist,vaping is a great alternative. You can choose from a dozen e-liquid flavors and can settle with one that suits your taste buds.
Drop the Habit of Smoking
5. Eat Healthy
This fact has been perhaps the most reiterated fact over the course of history. By eating we mean healthy intake of foods and not the junk or overeating. The latter is known for more deaths than eating less. 
You can improve your eating habits by increasing the intake of protein rich foods, foods that are high on fats, vegetables, fruits and on occasions, try something exquisite. This can really do wonders for your health and help you develop good eating habits.
Eat Healthy
6. Take Care of Your Brain
Most of the deaths that occur in the UK today is due to dementia. Thus, it is imperative that you keep your brain healthy and active. How to do that? Well, there are numerous methods such as learning a new language which has been known to prevent Alzheimer’s disease in people.
7. Take Much Needed Technology Breaks
It is a good practice to unplug yourself from the online world and social media. They take major portions of our lives away. We are so deeply immersed in them that we fail to realize that we are constantly being sucked into it while the life is happening all around us. So take a break from time to time. Also if you want to sleep better, stay those gadgets/smartphones out of your bedroom.


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