Top Tips To Maintain Stroller

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Nothing touches our hearts any better like wanting the best for our babies. It is the most precious gift us parents can give to our lovely kids. This is more eminent when it comes to carrying them around which can be sometimes tiring and engaging. 
Top Tips To Maintain Stroller
Modern baby strollers are incredibly safe and comfortable. Some will come with enclosed sides or some containment to hold your baby into position as you push it around.
Pay attention to these top tips to maintain the stroller for the long run use but also for it to serve you and your baby well without any let downs.
Be Close To Your Manual
The first time I bought my stroller for my first baby, one thing that stuck with me is the fact that as much as it helped immensely to use it for the first time, I also understood how to follow the manual, fold it and unfold it whenever I needed to use it. 
Pay attention to the manual to help you know how to use the pushchair appropriately to avoid damaging the stroller parts. This will make it serve for long. In case you don’t have the instruction manual, check the manufacturer’s website for a downloadable version.
Nothing is as important to our little angles like keeping them in great health. This includes on how you clean your stroller fabric. Babies can also sometimes mess up while on the stroller making it even dirtier. Visit this site more baby product reviews.
Get yourself a vacuum cleaner to help you remove the dust and dirt that might have accumulated on the stroller body. This will also make fabric cleaning not only easier but also less strenuous. 
Disassemble the removable parts to clean the remaining part of the fabric easily. This is especially a convenient case when you have a stroller with removable fabric from the stroller and other parts for effective cleaning.
You can use a damp cloth with some warm water and a gentle soapy solution or disinfectant to clean your stroller. The soapy solution or disinfectant should not irritate your little one’s skin. Be very keen when cleaning where the baby seats more especially if the stroller has been used for a long period.
Alternatively, you can remove the seat cover from the stroller and place it in your washing machine for gentle cleaning. You can use the same detergents you use while cleaning the baby’s clothes before hanging it out on the drying line.
Cleaning The Wheels And Other Parts
Your stroller wheels are very important. Check on the stroller wheels regularly for careful washing to avoid instances of them starting to creak or become rigid to roll. Use a brush to clean the bearings, axle, and other parts. 
You can equally use a silicone coating to spray the wheels and axle where they meet to minimize friction for smooth rides after the cleaning. 
Otherwise, if your stroller wheels don’t come with a pin for easy removal from the stroller, you can opt to hose them off carefully while still attached to your stroller with clean water. 
Removable plastic parts and stroller frame can also be cleaned often to ensure your stroller tops in hygiene and keeps off the bacteria. Lastly, after leaving the wheels to dry, don’t forget to grease them for sustained lubrication of moving parts. 
Top Tips To Maintain Stroller
Tire Pressure
If your stroller tires are inflatable, ensure you check their pressure regularly. Those with pneumatic tires tend to lose pressure with time.
This is to avoid instances of having a flat tire and being forced to use a lot of effort to push and steer around your stroller plus the baby. That doesn’t also mean you put too much air into your stroller tires because this might end up damaging their inner tubes resulting in minimized shock absorption hence an uncomfortable bumpy ride for your baby. 
If you aren’t good in inflating your stroller tires, consider getting an expert to do it for you or run through the manual for the appropriate tire pressure.


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