Top Superfoods for Healthy Hair

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All of us are losing hair at different speed and this trend seems to be increasing for some reasons, such as pollution. The fact is that not only women but also men usually want healthy and beautiful hair. Many people waste tons of money on countless products which promise to give them a great hair, but end up without any positive outcome.
Top Superfoods for Healthy Hair
It is important to bear in mind that our hair is actually one of the fastest-growing tissues and nutrition plays an essential role in its growth.
On the other hand, some health problems, including stress, and the overuse of hair care products are believed to cause our hair to fall more quickly. The only way to reverse this process is to pay more attention to your diet. 
Some foods prove to be more useful in stimulating the growth of hair than others. And your mission is to find these foods if you want a longer, more beautiful hair. Do not worry! We have already done that for you. Below is a list of some superfoods that enable you to get healthy hair more quickly.


Egg is such a popular food, maybe every day for you, but do you know every health benefit of this food? If you want to speed up the growth of hair, proteins are what your body needs. Keratin is the main element of our hair and it is a type of protein indeed. Eggs are among top protein sources you can find immediately in the kitchen. In addition, the proteins from eggs have one of the best qualities.
Furthermore, eggs provide other minerals and vitamins which you will need to stop hair loss. They also have great impacts on our scalp conditions. 
The recommendation is to consume egg about once per day. No matter how you cook eggs, they still give you full benefits as you expect.


Broccoli is always an indispensable food in healthy diets because of its various health benefits. It contains excellent amounts of vitamins, especially C and A. These vitamins are crucial to the release of sebum which has natural conditioning effects on our hair. Moreover, minerals in broccoli are worth mentioning too. It provides calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and even some omega-3 fatty acids. All of them help you get healthier hair more quickly. The suggestion is to consume raw broccoli in order to get every nutrient it contains.


Salmon is an ideal option for those who prefer healthy lifestyles. It is suitable for people who want to build muscles. It is beneficial for those with health complications. And all of its qualities come from its richness of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fatty acids. Fortunately, all of its nutrients are good for the growth of healthy hair. Specifically, omega-3 fatty acids play an important role in supple scalp. Meanwhile, if your body is short of these acids, the likelihood is that you will experience hair loss.
Salmon is just a simple choice in your meal, but it equips you with many benefits, especially in the attempts to get shiny and strong hair. The versatile cooking methods of salmon are an advantage to make your meal more diverse.


Nuts are usually a great choice for those who would like to grow hair. Among the common nuts, almonds will bring you the best effects on the prevention against hair loss.
Zinc is the first substance that needs to be mentioned in the nutritional value of almonds. This mineral is beneficial for blood circulation inside your scalp. As a result, your hair will become shiny and well-moisturized.
Besides, omega-3 fatty acids exist in almonds with large amounts as well. The volume and shine of your hair will be improved significantly. The richness of vitamin E in almonds is claimed to reduce the risk of split ends. 
Almonds can be used as snacks. It provides such a great amount of calories, so you can stay away from being hungry effectively. Apart from that, almonds are one of the most effective ways on how to grow thicker your eyebrows.  


Healthy hair is also partly dependent on strong hair strands. For this purpose, we recommend that you use quinoa. This whole grain is packed with a lot of high-quality proteins. On the other hand, it also gives a significant amount of vitamin E to balance natural oils on the scalp. You can avoid many problems, such as dandruff, thanks to quinoa. Some other nutrients in quinoa that are beneficial for hair are niacin, biotin or vitamins B.

Cottage Cheese

Despite many people’s belief that cottage cheese leads to obesity, it is actually beneficial for weight loss. And it is good for the prevention against hair loss as well. 
Whey and casein are found in cottage cheese and they are high-quality proteins you can make use of in the attempts to nurture your hair better. This aims to prevent your hair from being brittle and dry.
Additionally, vitamins are various and numerous in cottage cheese, which is another reason why it is a great food for healthy hair. Cottage cheese provides many important amino acids that will help you achieve your goal of beautiful hair more quickly. 
It is quite simple and actually fun to apply cottage cheese in your meals. It is possible to eat it raw, but the best method is to mix it with salad.

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