Top 5 Causes Heartburn Everyday

Heartburn is one of the major health conditions that most of the people across the world have been suffering in the current era. Most of the people confront this health issue due to food habits and lifestyle. Usually, every human being has esophagus which is a tube that joins the mouth and the stomach. The Esophagus tube is made up of muscles. 
Top 5 Causes Heartburn Everyday
The major functionality of this tube is to push the food towards the stomach in the form of rhythmic waves. Once the food enters the stomach, it doesn’t move back into the esophagus tube. The Lower Esophageal Sphincter muscle helps the food to remain in the stomach without moving back into the tube. 
During the digestion process, the stomach starts blending the food, enzymes, and other acids at a time. Some of the special protective cells in the stomach help stopping the acid from generating inflammation in an individual. When the stomach acids move back into the esophagus tube then, it leads to heartburn and damages the lining. This is the complete functioning of the stomach and heartburn disorder. 
Digene is a medicine that helps in providing some sort of relief for the patients suffering from heartburn. If people intake this medicine in huge proportion then, it could lead to Digene Side effects. Here is everything you need to know about heartburns and the major causes of heartburn every day in an individual. In this post, you can understand more about the reasons behind the cause of heartburn. Take a look!
Topmost Causes of Heartburn
Most of the people i.e., more than 60 million people residing in America come across heartburn every month. Whenever people confront this disorder, they might feel some sort of burning sensation in their lower chest location. It could be sometimes painful and unpredictable. In fact, heartburn is a symptom of Acid Reflux condition. 
Topmost Causes of Heartburn
As explained earlier, the stomach acid tries to come out into the esophagus tube resulting in the heartburn. What causes Heartburn in an individual? This is the most common question in many of the people globally. In this post, we have come up with a list of the topmost causes behind the occurrence of heartburn. Check it out!
1. Slow Digestion Process
The digestion process might become sluggish in some cases which lead to heartburn. It might take more time for emptying the stomach in some people. The stomach may not be able to digest the food in a proper direction instead it might take the wrong direction and it could lead to reflux. 
Slow Digestion Process
People who are suffering from Diabetes usually observe heartburn on a frequent basis. Whenever the blood sugar is increased for a long period of time then, it could cause diabetes. It might destroy the nerves that assist in moving the food throughout the digestive tract.
2. Consumption of Increased Fat Food Content
People who intake the food which is rich in fat content then, it could lead to heartburn. Sadly, such foods include some healthy stuff such as nuts, avocados, cheese and more. The high fatty foods will relax the LES muscle. As a result, the stomach acid could easily move out from the stomach through the esophagus tube and causes heartburn. 
Consumption of Increased Fat Food Content
The secondary way is that the high-fat foodstuff produces a hormone namely Cholecystokinin. This particular hormone also relaxes the LES and leads to heartburn. Due to the Digene side effects, people need to look after some other alternative medicines.
3. Increased Alcohol Consumption
People consuming alcohol ranging from moderate level to the excessive levels might suffer from heartburn symptoms. For instance, alcohol has the ability to relax the lower esophageal sphincter muscle and begins heartburn in the person. 
Some of the alcoholic contents such as beer and wine enhance the quantity of stomach acid and finally leads to the jeopardy of heartburn. The increased consumption of alcohol may destroy the esophagus tube’s lining. As a result, you are highly prone to heartburn as the stomach acid turns pretty sensitive.
4. Pregnancy
Women usually undergo major changes when they are pregnant. Some of them confront some disorders and some other experiences vital changes in their body. During the initial trimester of pregnancy, the women undergo hormonal changes. 
As a result, it could lead to the relaxation of LES and weakens the tube. In the subsequent stages of pregnancy, most of them had to handle immense pressure. Due to the pressure on the abdomen at the time of pregnancy, it might throw the valve out of its current position. As a result, it forcibly moves the food and acid into the esophagus tube without digesting it properly.
5. Obesity
It is another major reason and cause of heartburn. People who eat in huge quantities and those who eat food at a rapid speed have the risk of causing heartburn. The people consuming highly fatty foods, bakery items, junk food and other carbonated beverages prone to increase acid reflux. 
If you fill your stomach just like a fully packed box then, it increases the probabilities of heartburn by putting immense pressure on the stomach. In order to evade this problem, one must lose their weight as soon as possible. Even after using some medication, it could lead to Digene side effects.
Foods that Reduce Heartburn
Here are some of the foods that help the people to get relief from heartburn. Some of them include the following:
  • Grains and Potatoes
  • Oatmeal
  • Ginger
  • Bananas
  • Green leafy vegetables and other veggies that include celery, broccoli, beans, spinach and more
  • Melons

Final Words
That’s all! Here ends the list of the top 5 causes of heartburn that affect most of the people in their daily life. Hope this list has helped you in finding the reasons behind the occurrence of acid reflux. If you frequently experience this disorder then, you need to cut some of the high fatty foods and carbonated stuff from your daily diet. Just try to avoid the foods that cause damage to your LES muscle and maintain a proper healthy diet. 


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