Top 5 Apps Which Are Helpful In Early Education of Children

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A child’s first learning den is their home. Before going to school, children are trained and brought up by their parents. It is important that parents avoid an absolute reliance on school and rather, aid to the child’s progress by teaching them different things.

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Top 5 Apps Which Are Helpful In Early Education of Children
Since technology has progressed, a modern day parent can easily teach some basics to their child and nurture their mental and physical potentials. Everyone has phones and tablets. A modern day parent can put their own gadgets to a remarkable use by enabling their child to learn on these electronic gadgets from some technically constructed apps.
Let’s take a look at the 5 apps which are helpful in early education of children:

1. Elmo Loves 123s

Elmo Loves 123s and Abby CadAbby are some of the popular, renowned fictional characters adored by kids who guide your child through the app. This app provides you an opportunity to help your child in creating and identification for numbers and being able to count from 1 to 20. The app also consists of other simple mathematic exercises such as adding and subtracting basics, tracing numbers, solving puzzles which are a stimulant for mental activity and coloring pages which allows your child to develop color identification. The app also has some funny, surprising videos from the Sesame Street to give your child a break and let them have some fun along with learning.
Elmo Loves 123s App
 Elmo Loves 123s

2. Fish School App

Similar to Elmo Loves 123s, Fish School is another app that allows your child an introduction to important learning basics such as different alphabetical letters, counting numbers, making shapes, identifying colors, matching different shapes and sizes and etc. The fish swim around in a pool, while creating different shapes or numbers so for your child to identify.
Fish School App
 Fish School App

3. GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine

If you have big dreams for your child’s future in one of the most progressing fields of animations and illustrations, this is the app you must get now! The GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine app is designed to allow your child some insight on the world of engineering. Here, your child is free to play around and create their own animations.
GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine app
 GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine

4. Stack the States

This is an innovative yet fun to play game, created to strengthen your child’s geography from a young age. Here, your child learns the geographical shapes of different states, their capital cities and the abbreviations used to refer to those states. By the time your child finishes the game, they would have learned the names of all states in the United States alongside their capitals. The game also gives some quizzes regarding your child’s geography such as matching the states with their capitals and etc.
Stack the States
 Stack the States

5. Habitat the Game

Your child, alongside educational and academic attention needs social and emotional learning as well. With Habitat the Games, you can teach your child to be empathetic toward the environment. As a polar bear in the game, your child is given tasks such as saving water or electricity to keep the polar bear alive which in turn, develops these habits in real life, allowing them to be better human beings.
Habitat the Game
 Habitat the Game
Author Bio: This guest post is written by Hugh Mansfield, a successful Montessori director and a content writer at Essay Writing Help| PapersArena. He regularly contributes to educational journals and E-Magazines. He is an ardent techie as well.


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