Three Workouts for Busy Mothers

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Being a mother with small children means that your free time has been limited. There is a lot to think about when should I feed the baby? What do I do if I cry? Among other questions that every mother is asked. However,one important one only influences you. How do you lose the extra pounds you gained during pregnancy? Now your time is limited and therefore you cannot spend long hours in the gym to get in shape.

Three Workouts for Busy Mothers
Even if your priority is now your little one, you are sure to want to look good, feel good and have the energy to keep up with the rhythm he / she needs. Lack of sleep and child feeding schedules make this pretext difficult and therefore the most comfortable thing is to do no exercise.
This article is purely for those busy moms who want to get a fabulous figure but do not have time. We have prepared a series of three fat burning workouts without the need for you to go through the gym.
It is time to combine the two, exercise and your child!
Find a bank and park your baby’s cart safely next to you. In front of the bench, place your arms in front of the shoulders. Keeping your back and abdominal strong, lower your chest and then back to the starting position again. Keep your body in a straight line.
Stand behind the stroller with your hands on the handlebars, always taking as a reference the width of your shoulders. Take a stride forward with one leg, pushing the stroller with you. Return to the starting position and take another stride with the other leg. Importantly, the knee should be in a straight line with your ankle.

Stand behind the cart and as before put your hands on the handlebars. With your feet and knees forward, stand in a squat position as if you were sitting on an imaginary chair, keeping the weight of your heels and knees directly above your ankles. Be careful! Do not support the weight in the cart; you do not want it to tip over. Then return to the starting position.
Repetitions of the exercises (Repeat 3 times this circuit)
Pectorals x12
Lunges x15 (each leg)
Squats x20
In addition to all these exercises, if you are passionate about Running you should know the latest news for mothers and fathers. The BUGABOO RUNNER sports car has been designed as a complete stroller to practice this sport (with its own chair and adapters) can be used as soon as the baby is 9 months old. It has a great variety of colors so you can choose the one that goes with you.
All this so that you do not miss your sports afternoons and the pleasant feeling that gives you feel active, we know that is a challenge for you, new moms, but using a cart is a fun and effective way to stay in shape and Interact with your baby.

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