Things you should before doing laser hair removal

Laser hair removal
If you are tired of waxing or shaving your hands and legs, shift to a permanent solution like laser. The removal of unwanted hair once and for all can make the summer months stress-free. You wouldn’t need to fuss over a regular appointment for wax treatment or spend time to shave at home. 
Things you should before doing laser hair removal
Laser treatments are not tough or painful. You need to simply keep your mind set on it and work towards a treatment. You need some types of preparations to ensure that it works in your favor.
1. Refrain from plucking and waxing
Laser hair removal is very precise and targets directly over the root of hair. Before you head on to the laser hair removal, you will need to refrain from plucking and waxing for at least six weeks. You can shave but let the roots remain intact to their original place. Since, that is tough, it is good to not shave at all. Many experts suggest getting the shaving done before getting the laser hair removal. The hair removal treatment usually scheduled between the time periods of six to eight weeks. You should refrain from harming the unwanted hair strands at this time.
2. Shave the area
As mentioned earlier, experts suggest refraining from plucking and waxing but you can always choose to shave. You should opt for shaving the area a day or two before your next appointment. Your hairy part may not be visible to the naked eyes but the laser will very precisely target the area. The laser treatment will locate the pigments on your skin. Shaving the areas can reduce the risk of burning of hair which is placed below the skin. 
3. Check your medications
When you consult for laser hair removal treatment, you need to inform your specialist about other medications you regularly need. These medications can be oral as well as topical but you should inform them about all. There are certain medications which may react with your treatment and make them less effective. Other topical medications can interfere and cause skin damage.
If you are in any kind of antibiotics or birth control medicines, you should inform the professional. You may as well inform them about the photo sensitizing medicines and acne control ones. The professional would often advise you to not stop your medicines. Instead they can bring about some adjustment to your real treatment. Nevertheless if you have started any new medication while your term of treatment you need to inform about those too. 
4. Avoid bleach
Laser hair removal techniques are very specific and target only the hair roots. The pigment of the hair color is found on the root and the laser emits light which may damage hair for a long time. The bleaching process interferes with the pigmentation of the skin thereby causing the lasers to target the hair with difficulty. Before you go through hair removal treatment, you should stop bleaching. 
5. Remove makeup and creams
The makeup products and creams usually contain certain chemicals which may interfere with your laser treatment. As a result whenever you are to go for a treatment, you should remove makeup and avoid putting up creams. Anything that is applied topically on the body should be avoided before treatment. To cleanse your skin, you can make use of regular face wash and water. After removing the makeup, you should wash the area thoroughly. 
Before you begin the laser hair removal treatment, you should consult your dermatologist. Your skin can be sensitive to certain things and you need expert care in such cases. Turn to the right people and get the best of medication. 


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