The Benefits of Four Handed Massage Therapy in Dubai

Look and Feel Younger
There are lots of various kinds of massage for sale in spas worldwide, each made to target different problems you happen to be having together with your muscles, but all with the exact same aim that may help you completely relax.
Four Handed Massage Therapy in Dubai
A four handed massage has been proven to shift you right into a further state of relaxation beyond that of other treatments, which often means your muscle mass will be more receptive towards the deeper movements. Regardless if you are struggling with pains and aches, stiffness or immobility, this therapy is perfect for you.
Just what is a four handed massage?
A four handed massage is conducted by two therapists in synchronization and it has precisely the same effect as two full body massages service.
The therapists will combine slow and relax motions with harder, deeper movements to target each of your problems and maintain you completely relaxed. For this reason, it’s not at all unusual to try out other kinds of massage during this treatment, including deep tissue, deep cleansing, and even reflexology.
How does it work?
Adding two extra hands means your head cannot predict or monitor the motions and pressures of all four hands. This means you are in a better way of thinking to ‘let go’ during the treatment and may let your muscles to take in and react to treatments.
How does it work?
Typically, the therapists will base their massage around long, slow sweeping movements that can put your entire body into a state of relaxation. They’re going to adding some targeted techniques to collapse the build up of tissue around parts of your muscles that induce pain, aches, and inflammation.

What are its benefits?
By combining various kinds of massage, this treatment has a range of benefits:
  • It eases, lengthens and realigns muscles by making use of a variety of pressure point work, sports techniques and superficial massaging
  • It engages both brain hemispheres by stimulating the logical and emotional sides of your respective brain
  • The power of synchronized movements enhances blood circulation which will help break up tissue increase
  • It provides muscle tissue, mind, and soul for the more fulfilling experience
After Massage
As with all massage, you will feel stiff as well as a tender from a four handed massage, however, this will subside soon after days and you should feel more stimulating than ever.
After Massage
If you need to reduce the tenderness, warm parts of your muscles on top of a bath, a heat pack, or perhaps our wellness pool! If your muscles are warm, we also recommend dynamic stretching to discharge a few of the tenderness and also to further lengthen muscle tissue.
It is usually vital to avoid dehydration both before and after the therapy to ensure you get greatest results!
Because you have engaged both brain hemispheres, the mind will probably be more in sync together with your body i.e. when you find yourself selection, quite simply to listen to both your heart and your mind.
Like a four handed massage is predominately a Swedish massage, you’ll have this therapy approximately five times weekly. However, we may recommend talking to your therapist before undergoing several treatments.
The Benefits of Four Handed Massage Therapy in Dubai
Four-hands massage is also healing for your minds in addition to our bodies. Having an extra set of hands carry out some bodywork can make a different sensation within our minds. Initially, our mind tries to understand who is doing which motions but as time goes on, we begin to give up and introduce our mind a rest, enabling our bodies to float into a deeply relaxed state. A four-hand massage is ideal for the exhausted customers that need a considerable measure of TLC.
If you need to attempt a four-hands massage in Dubai, Dubai Hotels Massage has a great offer on this rare massage technique. Call today at 971 50 281 3928 more information on our four-hands massage or book an appointment with this very talented massage therapists! You’ll be absolutely pleasantly surprised about how much an extra set of hands can perform to suit your needs.


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