Talk About Different Types of Stress Fracture in the Foot and Ankle

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In terms of checking out you would be able to have a quick know how about the various types of the stress fractures bringing out in foot and ankle.  Stress fracture is basically defined as the foot and ankle that would be resulting into pain as well as swelling and so as the tenderness. It also adds up with the small cracks or the severe bruising being found in the bones. These small cracks would lead to worst conditions with the passage of time.  This can also be linked with the sudden changes or increases in physical activity. This fracture can take place because of the sustain fall during sports or also if you will drop something really heavy on the foot from the top. 
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Let’s discuss out with the different types of stress fractures of foot and ankle:
Navicular: This condition do happens to take place as because of the incomplete crack in the navicular bone. Navicular does define the bones that are located in the mid-foot. This type of stress fracture will prominently be happening as because of the excessive weight bearing activities over time.
Metatarsal: This type of fracture somehow shows the impact as on top of one or more of the five metatarsal bones that are located in the region of the forefoot.
Ankle: This type of ankle and foot stress fracture is also known by the name of shin splints. It is much intricate to diagnose it. As it affect the intricate area of the body that is daunting to diagnose so it would be better enough to get into consultation with the experienced physician.
Heel: This heel is known as the large bone that is all the way forming the foundation of the back of the foot. This type of the fracture becomes much extra worst as it would be involving to bring some effect on the heel bone. It can even bring about with some of the damage over the areas of the joints or even the cartilage. 
All the different types of the stress fractures which we defined here related with foot and ankle have different level of pain consequences. It would be advisable to make it get diagnose before it take the worst shape. You can get in touch with advanced foot & ankle institute of Georgia that hold the experienced team and methods to give you quick diagnose relief. 


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