Summer 2017 Makeup Trends

Summer 2017 Makeup Trends
The year 2016 brought to the beauty industry beautiful makeup ideas, heavy makeup styles, matte heavy dark lips, and sharp eyeliners. But it is time to move away from Kardashian’s makeup trends of Instagram because summer 2017 has nothing to do with evident contoured face or dark-brown lips. All the girls and women may sigh with relief, as new summer make up styles are quick and effortless, for those who act quickly and spontaneously. It is all about lip-glosses, light colors and soft, warm contours, and blush skin. Thus, forget about typing ‘i need help writing my capstone’ in google. It’s time to google best summer 2017 makeup trends!
Summer 2017 Makeup Trends
No Makeup Makeup
Makeup au naturel is a puzzle for all men and the rescue of women. “No makeup makeup” trend has appeared last winter and lasts for today. In hot summer, it is so difficult to apply heavy foundation, contour, and powder, that is why makeup au naturel is a good decision for summer. Achieving this type of makeup takes as long as heavy one, but this very trend is characterized by the most natural look. The contour must be perfectly blended, chicks blush, and the eyelashes should have a minimum of mascara. Makeup au naturel has perfect execution of light handed application and blending.
Bold and Graphic Eye Shadow
The applying of colorful and graphic eyeshadows is the best trend in summer 2017. It is an excellent opportunity to emphasize your eyes with bright and juicy colors. There is no need to be a professional or to have special skills to apply graphic eyeshadows. All you need is to find your perfect eyeshadow palette.
Glossy Eyes
This summer you may sparkle like a star with bright eyes. It’s a perfect trend for those who decide to go out with neon eyeshadows a minute before leaving home. It is very easy to apply glossy eyeshadows. You don’t have to follow strict or graphic lines. But the only one drawback of this makeup is that it is quite difficult to keep it from creasing all over the day unless you search for best makeup products for summer and apply good eye shadow base before shadows. 
This summer, makeup artists come up with beautiful ideas and tips about eyeliner. As a result, we have two top summer trends 2017 concerning eyeliner.
Eyeliner Only on Lower Lashes
Since this type is extremely easy to achieve, it creates a significant effect on those who see it. The tough dark line on lower lashes create heavy, and mystery looks as cool as smoky eyes do. This summer you have all the possibilities to experiment and apply juicy bright colors on lower lashes or fit eyeliner with the color of your eyes, which will emphasize its beauty.  
Winged Eyeliner
To get ready for new party makeup 2017, all you need to know is winged eyeliner is the new colorful trend of 2017. There are no special tricks, and the technique is not as hard as it seems. Start with colorful liner as you always do and then just follow its shape to add more wings. Fit as many wings as possible and play with colors on your eyelids. 
No Mascara for the Pale Girls
This trend has something in common with no makeup, and it makes lives of millions of girls easier. Just skipping mascara, it emphasizes the natural beauty of the eyes. The effect is even more striking than with eyelashes clumped together due to too much of mascara and those who have naturally pale eyelashes look gorgeous without any special accent on their lashes.
Cool-highlighted Inner Corners
The trend of highlighting inner corners of the eyes has been on fire since spring. This trend is one of the benefits of the natural beauty trends this summer, and it does not require special products or skills. The only criteria are silvery and frosty beige instead of gold or champagne shades, and you look fabulous even with minimum makeup applied. 
Bee-Stung Lips
Finally, we got to the lips! In beauty blogs, most makeup artists share the idea of leaving lips bare, but summer trends dictate us lipsticks of various colors. The nude color is always on fire, but electric or fire orange tints are becoming more and more popular this season. Besides, you may dare to wear lipsticks of bright colors like fuchsia pink or deep plum without any hesitation. Despite the minimalist set of summer 2017 makeup trends, a lot of makeup artists create an ombré effect. If you want bold and bright style, try two-toned lips. Here you may use different tints of one color or even try absolutely different colors on your lips. 
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