Shed The Holiday Pounds With Toronto’s Hottest Fitness Classes

Once the holidays come to a close, you turn your attention to tidying up your home, stowing away the napkin rings you used once when your relatives were over, and paying off the credit card… oh, and you also turn your attention to shedding off the excess pounds from the holiday celebrations. Why, in years past, has this always been the hardest thing to do post-holiday? Maybe this year, consider going to a different type of gym, one that’s free of the choking pressure of a traditional gym. In Toronto, you can attend what are called pay-as-you-go gyms, where they offer Toronto’s hottest fitness classes without the accompanying headache of a gym contract, something that is vitally important in the financially lean months following the holidays.
Fitness Classes
Take Striation 6, for example, where, not only do you end of paying less, there is a community of dedicated professionals who prioritize the long-term effects of your exercise regimen; you can discover what Striation 6 can do for you by simply emailing or dropping in and talking to them too, rather than having to sign a lengthy contract. You’ll be glad you did, because working out at home can sometimes strip you of motivation, decreasing your dedication to losing weight and getting fit. The environment at home doesn’t always support such endeavours, which is why a pay-as-you-go gym is ideal – the staff there are willing to help, to set up an individual program for their clients so that their goals are reached in an optimal way.
This winter, to shed those holiday pounds, look for a personal training instructor who will help you commit to your long-term exercise results. One very helpful exercise regimen is the Resistance Training program, which is unbeatable in terms of fat-fighting, muscle-toning abilities. Or try classes that include “muscle activation techniques”, aimed at maximizing force tolerance of the muscular system, restoring health, building muscle strength and preventing muscular injuries. Other great workouts to look out for are group classes like Bootcamp, group cycle, isometric training, Kangoo, Muay Thai, and Yoga – each of which offers a peer-motivated workout.
Fitness Classes
If classes aren’t your cup of tea, most gyms also have a selection of standard (and not-so-standard) equipment. Ask your gym if they offer ISOPHIT, a full body isometric exercise equipment, or the Move Strong training system, which is a creative circuit setup, with a full equipment of kettlebells, battle ropes, and punching bags, allowing users to have all of their needed workouts in one place. If taking classes or receiving personal instruction isn’t working for you (or maybe you just don’t want to work out that way all the time)just find a gym that offers good equipment to back up their classes and fitness regimens.
Post-holiday workouts are all about looking great and spending less. If you are tired of going to gyms with a traditional monthly membership, consider going to a pay-as-you-go gym, which gives you the option of using the services and equipment of the gym as much as you need, at your own pace and time. There are no contracts and you know that you are getting only the best for your money’s worth, without losing a cent. 


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