Reason and Symptoms of Allergies in Children

Children’s immunity is very weak, so that children get any disease very easily. One such disease is allergic, through which a research has revealed that almost 50% of children have any allergic reactions. Let’s know the causes and symptoms of allergies in children.

Reason and Symptoms of Allergies in Children

Causes of Allergies

1. Children may also be bitten by allergic worms such as bee, wasp or other insect bite.
2. Food habits can also cause allergic reactions in children.
3. Children in the air can also be allergic to pollen, flowers, dust or soil such as fur dog or cat.
4. Changing the weather can also be a cause of allergic reactions in children. Apart from this, children are more likely to be allergic to drugs.

Symptoms of Allergies

Nose problem

Along with winter, cold winter is also common in summer. If the child is allergic to the nose, he will rubbing his nose repeatedly and will rub his nose. Itching is also very common in allergies, along with nasal bleeding and nasalization. This can be due to dust mites or pollution.

Skin problem

There may be many problems in the skin such as skin, neck, face and eyes, red scarring on it, itching or swelling of the skin, if allergic.

Breathing related problems

Children may also have problems like breathing or cough after the increase of allergies. This problem can start with cough or cough. Initially it seems a common problem but slowly this problem increases. If your child has a cough problem for a long time, then he may be allergic. However, allergic coughing is often happy.

Allergy to food items

It is also very common to be allergic to food items. Many children may be allergic to eggs, milk, peanuts or wheat. If a small child is allergic to any food item, then do not allow them to consume these things for a few years. If allergic to anything in the food, the child may have diarrhea, vomiting, stomachache or even allergic symptoms on the skin of the child.

Allergy to animals

Children have a lot of love for pets but pets can be allergic to home animals especially fur animals, which can cause problems like red marks, cough, breathing problem, sneezing, swelling etc.

Allergy symptoms of cold

Children may also be allergic to excessive cold, whose symptoms can be seen in the eyes other than skin. To avoid this, it is important to keep the kids warm.

Apart from this, children may have allergic reactions from pollution, contaminated air and dirt. Keep your child away from them and be sure to consult the doctor as much as you can.


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