Physiotherapy – Benefits, Cautions and More

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Physiotherapy is a non-drug treatment that helps restore movement and function to various parts of the body, which have been affected by an injury, disability or a health condition. Today’s lifestyle has led to a number of joint and back pains that can be cured with the help of physiotherapy.
Physiotherapy - Benefits, Cautions and More

How Does Physiotherapy work? 
Physiotherapy helps in building muscular strength and thereby improves its movement, the mechanism in which physiotherapy works on the body is based on the type of technique that is being used to regain health.
Massage and Stretching:  In this technique, the physiotherapist would massage the soft body tissues using hands and moves the body part in the direction of its movement.
Effect on the Body: With this technique, the blood circulation will improve, helps in accumulated fluid drainage from the affected body part, relieves pain and strengths the muscle tissue.
Exercise: In some cases, certain exercise programs will be included that can help with particular health conditions. Gentle exercises such as walking, swimming may be recommended to someone recovering from an illness or an injury.
Effect on the Body: These types of exercises help in strengthening the muscle and improve the range of movement. This technique will have to be repeated daily for a number of weeks.
Electrotherapy: Under this technique the treatment is done with the use of different types of energies, such as electric impulse, Ultrasound, Laser Therapy, electromagnetic field therapy.
Effect on the body: These techniques help by stimulating the nervous system; lasers help in reducing pain and muscle spasms, also help in reducing inflammation, pain and strengthening the muscle.
Hydrotherapy: This therapy is carried by performing exercises in warm, shallow swimming pool or special hydrotherapy bath.
Effect on the body: The resistance of the water against your body helps in improving circulation, relieves pain and relaxes muscles. 
Benefits of Physiotherapy: 
Helps in Regaining Function: Physiotherapy helps in regain functioning of various body parts that are affected due to injury, or any medical conditions. It also helps in reducing the effects of certain genetic disorders like autism. Physiotherapy cures by building on the capabilities that the patient still has.
Non-Drug Therapy: Physiotherapy is a non-drug treatment; hence it has minimal side effects. With continued treatment under the supervision of an expert physical therapist, the patient can recover fully and lead a normal life.
Less recovery Time: Physiotherapy helps in decreasing the recovery time. After injury, the muscle or ligament might get stiff and immobile, with proper exercise it can regain its functionality.
Caution Before Selecting Your Physiotherapist: 
The effectiveness of physiotherapy solely depends on the effectiveness of the physiotherapist. Hence caution should be taken before selecting a physiotherapy clinic.
physiotherapy clinic
Qualifications: The foremost thing to check while choosing a physio clinic is the qualification of the physiotherapist, the person must have a degree in physiotherapy and should be registered to practice. This ensures that they follow the standards set by the government. Also, research and talk to the previous patients about the success rate.
Specialization: As any field of science, Physiotherapy also has specializations; some may have specialization in sports injuries, mental health, while others may specialize in Infants, elderly. It is always advisable to choose a therapist that has specialized and fits your requirements.
Location:  Physiotherapy is a continuous process for a few weeks to months; hence it is wise to choose a clinic that is near and easily accessible.
Availability:  A therapist who is able to see you as soon as possible is preferable than one that needs to be booked in advance. It is also good to check if you return after the completion of treatment due to relapse or unbearable pain if he can squeeze you in between his appointments. 
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