10 Nutritious Baby Food Recipes for 6 month

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Small baby drinks milk only for 4-5 months. By the time the mother does not have to worry about what to cook for the child. The doctor advises children to give solid food after 5 or 6 months, it is necessary for the child to grow enough to get carbohydrate, protein, fruits, vegetables, and milk which should be given to him in the daily dining room. So every mother has the same question as to how to make this child diet.
10 Nutritious Food Recipes for 6 month Baby
There are plenty of products ready for the children in the market but there is no competition in the home made from your hands, and the child gets it.

Baby Food Recipe – What and How to Makes

The little child can not eat the food of our elders, make some special food for Baby or especially, or prepare food from the food that the child can eat.
1. If you are making pulses in your food, put the lentil and turmeric powder and cook it in the cooker, open the cooker and take out this lentil with some lentils for the child, the child is much smaller (4-10 months) ), Then mash the pulses properly. Mix half a teaspoon of butter in the mashed dal, drink the lentil babies. Taste the remaining pulses according to your level and prepare lentils for you.
2. Make gourd, gram dal, keep the gourd and gram dal with salt and turmeric powder and keep it to boil. Open the cooker and remove some gourd gram dal and mash it and take out the vegetable water and mix it in it, add half a teaspoon of butter to the baby. Prepare the gourd gram dal with your temper and mix it with spices.
3. If you make rice, then add little salt or sugar to the bee leaving rice and drink the baby. By mashing the rice thoroughly, by adding salt and a little butter to taste, the baby can be fed.
4. Put a small spoon of ghee in a cup of semolina and keep it fry till it becomes brown. Whenever the child is ready to feed, add 100 grams (half cup) milk and add 2 tbsp of semolina in it; cook semolina completely until flowering, add some sugar according to the taste, delicious yogurt kheer is ready for the baby.
5. For the child’s meal, fry mung beans, rice, and porridge, mix it in equal quantity and keep it in a container. Whenever you want to cook for the child, take 2 tablespoons mixed khichadi, take four times the water, cook the cooker or fresh pot in any vessel and feed the baby.
6. In the hands of a child, Barlage’s biscuit can also be caught, who sucks it lovingly. Put these 3-4 biscuits in half a cup of milk, the food is ready for the child. Feed this Kheer to the child with a spoon.
7. Take a cup of milk, cook a kheer or banana, take one cup of milk, heat till it boils in a pan, peel banana or chikoo and grate it in milk, add a little spoon of sugar, lighten the milk for 3-4 minutes. Cook it while running with a spoon. Ready to tasting tasty kimcoo or banana for the child. Similarly, make Kheer and banana Kheer and feed the baby. If you want to make apple kheer recipe, you can see it here.
8. Feed the kidneys, chikoo, papaya or apple, and feed the baby a little bit, sometimes the cucumber juice, then feed the mango pulp to the child, and mash the pieces of any vegetable from your vegetable made in the house and feed the baby.
9. Mash banana or chikak in fresh full cream curd and feed the child with delicious sweet curd frutti. Remove the potato pieces from the vegetable in the curd, add some salt, this salted curd will eat the potato baby.
10. Take the baby orange, seasoning, grapes or apple a little bit of any fruit (2 tablespoons) and take out fresh juices. Let the baby drink a little lukewarm juice in the winter season.
Protect the child from cold drinks and junk food. Do not let your ladylike do the same by forgetting these things.


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