Now You Can Easily Heal The Fever Blisters!

Fever Blisters
Fever blister is a colloquialism for herpes simplex of the lips. It is also called as cold sores. It usually heals within 2-3 weeks, but the herpes simplex virus remains dormant in the facial nerve branches. These are the causes and symptoms of herpes labial as followed by the ways to heal these blisters. Have a look at them, follow the tips, and heal your blisters.
Now You Can Easily Heal The Fever Blisters!
Through indirect contact, like sharing a towel/handkerchief or lip balm of the infected person
Dental treatment
Hormonal changes
Lip injury
Virus can easily spread through bruises or cuts on the skin
Cosmetic injury
Swelling of lymph nodes
swollen lips
small, red blisters filled with fluid
pain and irritation
Apply Ice
One of the simplest home remedy to treat the fever blisters on lips is by applying ice on your lips. It gives you a soothing as well as removes your pain so always remember to apply ice to treat your fever blisters. You have to gently rub ice on your blisters so that they heal within no time. You have to repeat this process after every hour so that you can get rid of fever blisters. Make sure that you repeat the process until blister lessens.

Lemon Balm Tea
Another way through which you can cure your fever blisters is by making a lemon balm tea and soaking a cotton ball into it. It is a remedy that will help you in the long-run. That’s why lemon balm is considered one of the best treatments for getting rid of fever blisters. When apply it on the blister, your blister starts healing, and in the end, it gets completely removed. Even researches have proven that lemon balm tea has a healing effect on fever blisters. So next time when you have to heal your fever blisters, make lemon balm tea, soak a ball of cotton into it and then apply it on your blisters. It will make you feel better and will also cure your fever blisters. So go for it.
Egg and Yoghurt
One of the ways through which you can cure your fever blisters is by applying egg and yoghurt. What you have to do is to mix a single egg with a cup of yogurt while adding a bit of manual honey in it. Since the facial mask of egg and yogurt has been prepared now, so now you have to apply it on your blisters. Trust us Assignment Services Aussie assignment, it will give you a soothing effect and will also heal all your blisters. Yogurt basically contains lysine that combats the virus that causes fever blisters, that’s why it is considered to have a key role in preventing the blister-causing virus from staying active.
Some precautions
Just do not touch your fever blisters as it is one of the easiest ways to prevent virus from spreading all over your body.
Remember that fever blisters are contagious so do not share your foods, drinks or lip gloss with others when you are having an outbreak.


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