Newborn Baby Care Tips for 3 Years

Best Eye Care Advice for Babies
Newborn Baby Care Tips for 3 Years 
Being a mother is a pleasant feeling, after becoming a mother, the most important responsibility is the care of the baby. It is very important for the mother to know what time to give her child. These articles will give you full information from the birth of a child to 3 years of eating them. Important information for every parent.
Newborn Baby Care Tips for 3 Years
Newborn Baby Care for three months from Birth

The baby should be given breast milk as soon as possible after the baby is born. The child gets the power to live by drinking the mother’s first milk (colostrum) and protecting the child from the spread of many diseases and diseases while giving the nutrients to the body found in mother’s milk. The child should give milk only after two to three hours from the first day. Feeding the mother’s milk is the best diet when the baby starts crying. The child of three months until she drinks mother’s milk, the child does not need to drink water at that time. Mother’s milk works as a child’s whole meal. Still there is no harm in watering at that time.
In the beginning, if the baby sucks milk after two to three months vomiting, there is no question of panic in it. As long as the child drinks the mother’s milk, the child does not need any knife or greasy water to digest the milk. Till the child drinks the mother’s milk, the mother should not drink water after eating the food, but after drinking the baby, drink a little about 15 minutes before feeding her, then only breastfeed the baby (make your milk). . By doing this the child does not have vomiting. The mother should always be happy and should feed the baby at every two to three hours. The child should not breastfeed in anger or brain discomfort. Even after bath or should not be fed milk immediately after washing. After feeding, put the child on his shoulder and apply it on his back. This will leave the baby’s stomach air in the form of dactic, and the child will feel light on it and will also be saved from indigestion. The mother can feed her baby for nine months. Weak children can be fed mother’s milk for one year.
Baby care for the fourth month from sixth month

Milk: The mother should continue to give her milk to her baby.

Honey:  4 days after raising the honey of the kidneys, children are protected from all diseases by chewing the child. Children’s weight also increases. Chewing honey does not make any problems when leaving the teeth of children.

Almonds: Soak one kernel of almond in water in the night. Grow almonds on a clear stone, grind them exactly like sandalwood, and gradually raise the child with your finger after rising in the morning. This keeps the child’s heart and mind good and the child is happy. (Note: Almond should not be bitter)

Oranges: The child of 4 months old should take out a full orange juice and feed in the afternoon every afternoon. If needed, then a 4-week child can be given an equal amount of orange juice and water and two teaspoons can be given. Gradually, the quantity of water should be reduced and the quantity of juice should be increased. By drinking this juice, the baby is healthy and its color becomes clear too.

Soup: In addition to fruit juices, the child can drink green vegetables (sesame seeds, tomato, carrot, spinach, coriander, green leaves) or moong dal water etc. In small quantities, the child can drink a little quantity.

Widening the chest of the children: The child of the age of three months should initially roll up three minutes a day. After that, as the child grows up, increase the time to reverse it. This will increase the child’s chest and increase its digestibility. With this, there will be no problem in the baby’s stomach.

Mustard oil: The baby must be bathed by massage of mustard or olive oil at least 2 to 3 times a week. This makes the children fat and healthy. The weight of the child is about two and a half kilos, after four months, the weight of that child should be two times i.e., about 5 kg from birth and the weight of the child in the year is less than three times the birth or around seven and a half kilos needed.

Baby care for one year from the seventh month

After six months of birth, the child needs other meals than the mother’s milk because then only the mother’s milk is not enough for the growing child. Therefore, keeping the mother’s milk in her mouth, giving her 6 months baby to eat, it is best to cook it. Mix half the cardamom powder in it and the child is easily digested. This will not constitute the child. The child of this age can be started with the mother’s milk as well as the fresh milk of the healthy cow (not the can of milk). If the child gives any milk to the child to drink, then if there is any harm to the child, then mix the amount of milk in the amount equal to the milk and drink the child and gradually reduce the amount of water. The milk becomes light and digestible. Adding some fennel seeds or a small pepper inside the milk can also help the child digest the milk by lightening it. The baby should not be fed with milk bottle but should be fed with the help of a bowl or spoon. If it is necessary to give milk to bottle due to any compulsion, then do not clean the bottle with any powder but boil the milk and boil it in warm water and boil it. Before feeding, it is important to have the vial clean, if needed, the milk of the top can be given even before 6 months. In the baby’s milk, mix equal or less barley water and mix it with water.
Method of preparation of barley – Boil 10 grams of Barley in 500 ml water and boil it. After boiling 2-3 times, take out the utensil from the fire and keep the water filtered. By filtering this barley water and adding it to milk, milk becomes more nutritious, easily digested and also prevents stomach pain. By adding half-boiled water and half barley water to the milk, it can be given to a child up to four months.
Along with mother’s milk, give cow-buffalo’s milk, fruit juice, green vegetables soup etc. Start to give semi-solid food such as rice, thin kheer, potatoes and vegetables, thin skins and etc. Boil the carrot, potatoes and boil them a lot. Bananas can be cut into milk, rice marmareas, Patolia etc. can also give.
Gradually give a little solid food in the ninth month like khichadi, porridge, without spices of pulses and vegetables, lentils, rice, buttermilk, yogurt, semolina, idli, sago, and spices without mixing the bread in small pieces of spices needed. Initially increase the quantity of food items in the small quantities and slowly according to age and child hunger and give food to 2 to 3 times a day. Now gradually cut the fruit (such as banana, chikoo, papaya, etc.) in small pieces so that the child can eat anything chewed. Gradually catch large biscuits, carrots, and give it to eat, but keep in mind that the child’s food is not such that it is stuck in the throat.
Baby care for 1 year to 3 years
It is very important to give balanced diet to children of one year to three years of age. In the first two years the child grows faster as it does not have much of an increase in later years. Manually his hunger also becomes relatively less. Should not be disturbed by this.
At the beginning of the four-month-old baby, we give 200 milliliters of milk in 24 hours and now one year old child can be increased gradually by weight, from 750 ml to one liter. Upon the age of 15 months, the child can be given pulses, rice chapatiyas, milk and milk products, vegetables fruits etc. as the rest of the family. Do not give chocolates, toffee or ice cream, fried potato chips, etc. to the child. By following these things your child will be healthy and healthy.


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