The dictionary definition of an eyebrow is the strip of hair growing on the ridge above a person’s eye socket.

It is an area of thick, the beautiful texture of hair above the eye that precedes the shape of the lower margin of the superciliary arch of brow ridges.

Purpose of Eyebrows:

Basically, eyebrows have two main functions.

1. To keep moisture out of our eyes.

Eyebrows protect the eyes from light and moisture and keep our eyes clean and clear. Their main job is to keep water from sweat and rain away from the eyes so that we can see properly. It also wards away dust reaching our eyes.

2. To help in nonverbal communication

Eyebrows play an important role in expressing different emotions by showing different expressions using their brows. By using one brow or simultaneously using both the brows, we can show expressions of interest, surprise, hatred, anger, appreciation, etc. Eyebrows also help in facial recognition.

What is Micro-blading?

Waxing, threading or tweezing often results in injuries to the skin near the eyebrows and can even affect the shape and hair growth of the brows in the long run.

Cosmetic surgery to raise the eyebrow is usually done to create a more feminine or younger-looking appearance. However, this causes much pain and takes time to heal.
To overcome this difficulty, pain, and problem, a new technique had invaded the beauty industry that is known as micro-blading. This is a kind of revolution in the beauty industry.

Microblading is a medico technical procedure of tattooing in which a small handy tool made of many tiny needles is used to inject semi-permanent ink or dye to the skin under the eyebrow.

Microblading is an excellent and skilled technique of creating each hair stroke by hand using a blade which creates beautiful lines in the skin. Microblading is generally done on eyebrows to give it fuller and youthful look along with enhancing reshaping the whole look of the brows. It creates the illusion of a fuller brow by making hair strokes tattoo.

As microblading is a tattooing technique can last up to 2-3 years. That means you don’t have to bother about you brows for t next three years. Nor it harms or hampers the natural hair growth of your eyebrows because it’s a tattoo.

Microblading is also sometimes called embroidery, feather touch, or hair-like strokes.
Cosmetic techniques have been evolved to change the look of one’s eyebrows. The change could be to add or remove hair, change the shade, or change the shape of the eyebrow. Microblading is the right choice for the above change to enhance the beauty of your face.

Remember to visit a highly skilled professional who has experience in the technique of microblading to avoid any complications and problems. Do consult with the professional about your face symmetry, age the color of the skin, the shape of the brow that has to be drawn and the pigment of the ink that is to be applied on your brow area.

Once the treatment is done, you will witness slight red and darker brows. This redness and the color of the dye will fade away as the healing process will continue. Always go for follow up to your eyebrow doctor to avoid any complications. Follow proper aftercare as prescribed by the brow doctor.

Go for the change because “Your Brows Introduce You Before you speak.”
There is no better compliment than someone saying you have good eyebrows. So be the change you want to be.


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