MiaMily HIPSTER SMART wins JPMA’s 2019 Innovation Award!


At the 2019 JPMA show in Orlando, Florida – where more than 4,600 attendees and 90%+ of the industry’s buying power and new/expecting parents attended – MiaMily’s Hipster Smart carrier walked away with the event’s top Innovation Award honor! With up to 9 carry positions, the baby carrier is truly the most versatile carrier on the market.

Ergonomic for baby’s hips, MiaMily’s unique hip seat absorbs the weight of the baby so it’s also super comfortable for both Mom and Dad. Conventional baby carriers support your baby from the groin area, leaving baby’s legs to hang unsupported. We can only imagine how uncomfortable this is for the baby. But discomfort is just part of the problem. For the first 6 months, your baby’s hips are still developing.

New babies are very flexible and more prone to hip dysplasia (a condition of general instability or looseness of the hip joint). If left untreated, hip dysplasia can permanently damage the structure of the hip socket causing a lifetime of pain.

It’s important to know that no carrier can cause hip dysplasia if it isn’t already a pre-existing condition. But a carrier without proper hip support can worsen the situation if your baby already has hip dysplasia. Since hip dysplasia is a silent condition, it makes early detection very difficult. So it’s always smart to choose a carrier that makes sure your baby’s legs are in the “M position” recommended by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute – knees bent, hips bent and open to the side with thighs supported.

And that is why MiaMily’s carrier does the job and has been approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. It’s no wonder this product took home the top award, along with winning the event’s Mom’s Choice Award too! Enjoy the video of them winning the award and for

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