Managing Back Pain While Pregnant

8 Common Health Problems You Could Face During Pregnancy
The changes that your body will go through when pregnant are vast. You’ll start to experience aches, pains, and discomfort that you’ve never previously had to deal with. You may find it more difficult to breathe, or even find that walking straight becomes a bit of an undertaking. One of the most common aches pregnant women report suffering from is back pain with 50 to 70 percent of pregnant women reporting dealing with some form of back pain in this study from 2011. If your back has started to put up a fuss about the whole “carrying a person in your midsection thing”, here are some tips that will provide you with relief.
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Sometimes being active during your pregnancy will help to promote a smoother labor experience but staying away from very rigorous workouts is suggested. This is why something like swimming works so well –  it’s low impact, soothing and also great for tired and aching backs that have been taking on extra pressure. Being suspended in water allows the body to exist weightlessly without the pull of gravity. Even merely floating in the water does wonders for helping to decompress the spine as well as gently activate your back, legs, and arms. Your whole body is engaged, yet weightless in the water. Practice deep breathing as you’re swimming, always concentrating on your breath patterns and do deep stretching after you’re finished. Also, remember to stay hydrated while in the pool.
Proper sleep support
Pregnancy often prepares you for the realities of what little sleep you’ll be getting when your baby arrives. Getting comfortable in bed can be impossible. You may never feel like you find the right position and as a result, your back may take the brunt of the weight shifts and discomfort. Sleeping comfortably is typically wholly contingent on how the spine drops down and aligns on your mattress. If you’re happy with your current bed, try a body pillow that rests between your knees and up against your belly, as sleeping with one can help to better align your body into a comfortable position.  Also, ensure that your bedtime routine is relaxing and your sleeping environment is cool and dark, making it more conducive to sound peaceful sleep.

Maternity belt
A maternity belt is a very simple undergarment that gives your back and belly extra support. It expertly cradles and holds the pelvis in place which can take a lot of strain off of the back. The weight of your growing belly is diffused across the entire space of your midsection, which is why back pain is so prevalent in pregnancies. The belt can also provide needed support in the area of abdominal muscle strength and increase proper posture. Any type of curvature implicitly affects the spine which causes the back pain to become more pronounced and hard to handle. There are many different types of maternity belts, and they can be purchased online or in the maternity section of your favorite department store.
Mind your feet
Another part of the body that can take quite a bit of a beating during pregnancy is the feet. Sure, some women still rock their heels during pregnancy, but really, they aren’t doing their back any favors. In fact, high heels only further increase the curvature of your back which just creates more pressure and increases the chance of back pain.
Though living a full and active life while pregnant, as long as your pregnancy isn’t high risk, is completely encouraged, you will need to tend to your feet. How you stand and walk on your feet directly impacts your back, hips, and ankles. Soaking them, elevating them and allowing them to get the proper rest and care is essential during your pregnancy.


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