Lose Weight with CLENBUTEROL, The SAFE Way!

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In the bodybuilding circle, Clenbuterol is one of the most common drugs used to lose weight. Is Clenbuterol a steroid? No. Clen is a bronchodilator. In medical scenarios, this is used to treat people with asthma, migraines, arrhythmia, and so much more. For nonmedical purposes like bodybuilding or physical appearance enhancement, Clen is used to lose those unwanted extra pounds.
If you ask any bodybuilder about a substance that can help you lose weight, Clen would be on top of their list. Even celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Victoria Beckham are huge fans of Clen to achieve their supermodel bodies. However, since Clenbuterol has a high rate of efficacy, it is known to be misused and abused. When any substance is misused, abused or overused, the side effect is inevitable!
What is The Safe Dosage for Clenbuterol?
Everything that we take into our body has a limit. This is the same with Clenbuterol. Now you may think that since this is not a steroid, it can’t cause that much damage to our body when not taken properly. This is where most users are wrong. For most men, the maximum dosage of Clen is 40 mcg a day. While for most women, it is expected to be much lower at 100 mcg a day.
 What is The Safe Dosage for Clenbuterol?
Clen for Beginners.
When you are new to this drug, you must take extra caution if you are using it for nonmedical reasons. For most men, even the more experienced bodybuilders, start 40 mcg a day with Clenbuterol while women would start at 20 mcg per day. These doses are quite low to help the body adjust to the drug before increase it further. It is best to take Clen pills or liquid early in the morning, or before you start your workout. You will have problems with sleeping if you take it later in the day.
As you start using Clenbuterol at these doses, monitor the results, positive effects, as well as the side effects. In three to four days, if you think your body can tolerate Clen, you can then increase your dose by 20 mcg per day. Women are more likely to have stronger reactions to Clenbuterol than men, so be extra careful.
The Cutting Cycle.
As you take Clenbuterol, your body will initially react with it by preventing the over-stimulation of the beta-2 receptors. Because of this, your body will be tolerant to the drug. When your body starts to adapt, the dosage should be increased depending on the Clenbuterol cycle that you are following. Using a cycle chart for weight loss is also very helpful to know the best cycle for you. The most common Clenbuterol cycle would be two days on, two days off and steady incremental use.
The two weeks on, two weeks off cycle. This method will start with a low dose and the user will gradually increase in the first two weeks which will end with a maximum dose. Rest your body for two weeks, then for the next two weeks after, the dosing will begin with where you left off before your two weeks off. 
Steady Incremental use. A user will begin at a low dose and increase 20 mcg increments every two to three weeks. With this, the maximum dose will not be reached until the final two to three weeks. 
When using any supplement for bodybuilding, it is best to educate yourself first about the drug, its mechanism of action, as well as its benefits and side effects. Always make sure that the benefits outweigh the risks. Never put your health in the line of danger. 


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