Laughter is The Best Yoga For Mental And Physical Health

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Do you know that laughter can actually improve your health status? Laughter is a strong medicine; it boosts your mood, strengthens your immune system, safeguards you from the damaging effects of stress, strengthens your relationship, improves your emotional health and diminishes pain.
Laughter is truly the best yoga for mental and physical health; it is a powerful antidote to conflict, pain and stress. 
It is good to have a sense of humor. Laughing makes you stay inspired, focused, connect you to people, inspires hopes, lightens your burden and makes you alert. Here are some benefits of laughter yoga:
Anti-Aging Formula
Laughter improves your facial skin care, keeps your skin sagging at bay, makes you look younger than your real age, prevents onset of wrinkles. Laughing helps you to eases off tension, worries and weight. Laughter is one of the great simple medicines that will enable you lose weight. Feel free to consult your weight loss doctor for more details on this. 
Strengthens The Immune System
If you feel fatigued or drained as a result of the burden of the day, your health status will decline, and it will make you vulnerable to different forms of infections and diseases. If this is your current situation, then laughter is the solution. It will boost your immunity, and prevent you from being attacked by a host of diseases. 
Laughter has been tested and proven to cure all kinds of illnesses such as depression, diabetes, hypertension, bronchitis, arthritis, mental illnesses, migraine headache, menstrual disorders, asthma, and other viral infections including cold and cough. Further research has also shown that laughter therapy enhances antibodies like (immunoglobulin A), which helps to protect you from all kinds of microorganisms, bacteria and viruses. People who laugh often have experienced huge reduction in chest infections, sore throats, and common colds. 
Eases Distressing Emotions
Laughter eases and counteracts feelings of sadness, depression, worries and sadness. It helps you to release other emotions like grief, feelings of sadness, worries, and anxieties. Laughter increases energy, reduces stress, and enables you to remain focused and accomplish so much more even faster. 
Brings More Joy And Fun Into Our Life
This one doesn’t need much explanation. Laughing helps you to feel happy and ultimately satisfied. Laughter relaxes your mind, opens your mind for humor, and enables you to face life’s challenges with resilience and courage. Laughing most times motivates you to stay happy and remain in a relaxed mood. 
Prevents Heart Disease
Laughter protects your heart, improves the blood flow, increases the function of blood vessels, and protects you from all forms of heart attack and other cardiovascular complications. Having sense of humor helps your heart to function better. 
When you laugh, your blood flow and blood pressure rises, and it automatically drops back to its original baseline if you stop laughing. This is why you should never be tired of laughing. Keep laughing; it is the beauty of life. 
Strengthens Resilience 
Laughter improves infection-fighting antibodies, enhances immune cells, and improves your resistance to diseases, boosts the production of some antibodies, and triggers the release of endorphins. Multiple studies confirm that endorphins can temporarily relieve pain, and promote your well-being. Laughter stimulates the motor region of your brain, thereby making it to become active. 
Respiratory Ailments 
If you are suffering from bronchitis, and asthma, then laughter is the best exercise for you. It will improve the oxygen levels in your blood, and enhances your lung capacity. Medical experts and researchers recommend chest physiotherapy because of its ability to remove mucous from your respiratory tracts. If you are stressed, then try laughter. 
Eases anxiety and tension
Researchers have observed that laughter comes with a lot of health benefits both physical and mental- it improves our overall well being. If we are anxious or in a state of panic attack, it will make our epinephrine and cortisol to pulse through us, thereby making us to remain coiled for action and tense.
Laughing joyously on a daily basis can decrease your anxiety and daily burdens that becloud your everyday activities. 
Laughing is like having a deep breath, because of its capacity to enhance the oxygen in our bodies. Laughing leads to optimal muscle relaxation and reducing the physical symptoms of anxiety. 
When we make efforts to lighten our burdens, and see the world as a safe, good, fun and interesting place, it will shift our focus about life, and helps us to think of life as worth living. This is why we should learn to introduce intentional laughter to our lives; intentional laughter will inspire us to think creatively, indicatively and accurately. 
From the above analysis, you can see from multiple researches that laughter is a good medicine for depression and stress. It is free, makes us beautiful, and motivates us to live a beautiful, healthy and enjoyable life. 
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To live happily and freely, don’t see the world as a worrisome place, a place of agony no matter the challenges you are facing at the moment. Make sure you engage yourself in a sincere laugh as often as you can. 
Just like smiling, laughter is contagious; it has positive effects both on you and those around you. So, try to be laughing with your friends, colleagues, clients or customers and even to those you just meet today. 


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