Is knee or hip replacement surgery really life changing?

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There are more than hundred different types of arthritis, but the most common among them is osteoarthritis. It is also the most painful condition, which is caused by the wear and tear of muscles. Among most patients, the problems with arthritis might start early and then get worse with aging. Though, surgery is never the first step taken by the hip or kneereplacement doctors, it is often essential for a complete cure. While the medications and other alternative medications can keep the pain under control, they would never accomplish the task of eradicating the root cause of the disease, i.e. the diseased joints.
Interview any reputed knee or hip replacement surgeon and they would only tell about the life changing experiences their patients have had after the surgery. Most medical statistics also suggest that hip or knee replacement is the long term solution to problems pertaining to osteoarthritis. But let us try and measure the experiences of patients.
Is knee or hip replacement surgery really life changing?
In a survey, more than 90% of the patients opined that their knee or hipreplacement surgeon had worked wonders and now they were completely relieved from the excruciating pain they experienced prior to the surgery. But we will leave aside the 90% happy patients and dwell more closely on the 10% who feel the surgery has not met their expectations. So, what do they complain of?
  • Unreal Expectations: Most of these patients, in the aggrieved category, believed that their hip or knee replacement doctors have failed them because their hip or knees are not completely “normal”. Well, this is done to unreal expectations. If you believe that after the surgery you would have knees like a sixteen year old, then it is not possible. The surgery can only replace the diseased parts and correct the movement of muscles. You will get 100% relief from pain and 95% normalcy in the hip or knee.
  • Lengthy Recovery Time: Yes, now that is also a cause of bothering for many patients. Staying in the bed and then moving only in a very restricted way for many months can frustrate them. But all that can be said is: every big surgery needs significant recovery time. So, you have to remain patient and see through these days somehow, because once you are recovered you will get a life free from pain and would be able to move around easily.
So, if you keep realistic expectations and the hopes of a better life, then hip or knee replacement surgery can be a life changing experience. 


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