Every day we face different issues in our lives and they often impact us in many ways. Life is getting speeder and things are getting automated. Competition is getting tougher and that’s making the lifestyles really difficult. All these issues are directly impacting our basic needs. Usually, people got disturbed and this makes them reluctant to eat, sleep and feel relaxed. 
The sleepless nights aren’t the thing that is to be taken too lightly! Insomnia is actually a disease that needs to be cured. Almost every person doesn’t even consider it as an illness. This is important to know that how badly it is impacting the health of the people. In this article, we will discuss the Symptoms, causes, and effects of Insomnia and how to deal with it. 
The symptoms of Insomnia are easy to figure out as we are usually facing it. Few symptoms that you may observe are Fatigue, poor performance at work, impulsiveness or aggression, errors or accidents, lack of motivation, moodiness, getting easily irritable, lack of attention and many other glitches like these. 
Causes & Effects
Mental Disorders 
Depression, a mental illness that is most common and every second person are dealing with it. The relationship between mental health and sleep is complicated. Depression effect the thinking process badly and this directly causes the sleep of an individuals. Anxiety and nonstop thought process is often the result of Insomnia. 
Environmental factors 
Sometimes we are uncomfortable with the noises, extreme temperature, lights or the places where we aren’t used to sleep. Other things may include inhale of certain toxins or chemicals. 
Substance use, abuse or medication
Often the prescribed medicine also causes problems in our sleep. Medicine for allergy or cold are heavy and may cause a disturbance. On contrary, high blood pressure, antidepressants and similar factors can cause insomnia. Some people who regularly take sleeping pills, caffeine or are addicted to some toxins and suddenly stop taking the dose also suffers from frequent awakening during nights. 
Physical Illness 
When experiencing discomfort due to pain in any part of the body that sometimes also limits the movement can cause sleepless nights. Usually, older adults face this type of insomnia more because they everyday face different medical problems due to their age. 
Change in lifestyles
Most of the time our schedule is effected due to working conditions or other engagements. So the disturbance in the timings and the event that occurs causes excitement and effect the sleeping. 
Medical disorders 
Some medical disorders include Sinus Allergies, Arthritis, Asthma, Chronic Pain, Parkinson’s disease and low back pain also are the cause of Insomnia. 
How to Cure Insomnia 
The cure for this disease is important to discontinue the long-term Insomnia. Some of the thingsthat might help are:
Reduce Stress 
It is difficult but not impossible. We can help our self by many ways simply by controlling on some of our habits. Generally, when we watch TV and that visual stimulus that keep running in your mind, this also includes your mobile phones, smart devices, and iPad. These things keep our mind busy even when we are at the bed to sleep. 
The need is to set our mind free from all these devices that keep our thought process running and make it difficult for us to stop our mind. Therefore, to cope up with this it is recommended to leave everything 30 minutes before going to bed. All electronics items need to be shut off and start reading or meditating. This can really help you to fall asleep faster.
Change in diet 
Your diet impacts your overall health. For instance, carbohydrate consumptions before going to sleep can make you sleepless. Too many consumption of crabs and sugar keeps the body burning. Healthy fats in your system help you to fall asleep quickly. Eatable with healthy diet includes avocado, organic yogurt as they are high in magnesium and potassium. 
Quality Supplements 
There are some essential ingredients that our body require and supplements can help us to fall asleep. Magnesium supplement are usually taken to cure the insomnia without having drugs. 
However, taking supplement without the doctor’s recommendation is risky so one should always consult the doctor.

Changing the lifestyle 
Our lifestyle often creates problems for us. We need to look upon it. Often we don’t follow same schedule every day. The timing in which we eat and sleep also keep changing. On the other hand, our beds are not comfy sometimes. 
Taking care of your health is important as already today the quality of life is getting low and there are various disease that are spreading every now and then. We take it lightly but proper sleep at night can save us from many diseases and change our lifestyle to healthy one. Insomnia should be taken seriously and steps should be taken to get rid of it as quickly as possible. 
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