Income Earning Ideas for New Parents

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Staying a home with a newborn is a dream that most adults have but, unfortunately, can’t afford. As much as you want to be around in the earliest years of your child’s life, being able to provide for them is equally as important. Fortunately, there are a lot of moms and dads who have been able to do both. By ditching their 9 to 5 jobs and starting a home-based business, they are able to be there during their newborn’s most formative years while still making sure the bills get taken care of.
If you’re going to work from home, it is important that you select a business idea that allows you to be flexible. Dealing with a newborn will require a lot of your time and attention, so try to choose options that allow you to cater to their needs while also generating a decent income. Below, are some ideas you might consider:
Blogging or Freelance Writing
Content is king on the internet and if you have the creative knack for writing articles, web content, or blog posts, you could get paid considerably for it. This work from home opportunity doesn’t require much overhead or initial investments. All you need is a computer, internet connection, and the will to succeed.
You can either look for companies who are hiring writers or opt to search for your own clients. As most writing jobs don’t require you to be glued to your desk during set hours, you can write whenever it is most convenient for you (and the baby). Writers can generate several hundred dollars a week once they gain the experience.
Massage Therapists
Are you great at giving massages? If so, you may be able to earn a living as a massage therapist. You’ll need to take a few courses and get the recommended certifications, however, from there, the skies are the limit. You can invest in a massage table to start and add on as you start making money. Rather than trying to figure out how to tote your newborn around your clients can visit your home. Create a special space or room for them and add your massage equipment and tools to it for a professional and spa-like feel.
If you really enjoy children and you want to be home with your own, what better way to do this than to open a childcare center. You can become a registered sitter easily and advertise your services. Since the cost of finding reliable childcare is a burden for most parents, you can provide a more affordable option which would encourage more people to want your services. A small group of 5 to 10 children could boost your income. It also gives your child someone to socialize with which can be great for their continued growth and development.
Teaching or Tutoring
Perhaps you love children but aren’t interested in having a brood of them in your home. If this is the case, you can start a home-based business as an early childhood educator or tutor. You can educate your students remotely by investing in a bit of software. You can pre-record lessons and upload worksheets and other educational materials for your students to use. For children who need special attention, you can schedule tutoring sessions or one on one sessions for later in the day when your partner is home to help with the baby.
Professional Services
All those years you spent working at your last job don’t have to go to waste. You can use the skills you’ve acquired over the years to create your own home-based business. You could become a virtual assistant for busy CEOs, help small businesses manage their accounting and finance, develop websites, or draft business plans. Make a list of your professional skills and see which stand out and would make a good business opportunity.
As first-time parents, you want to be with your baby every chance you get. Be that as it may, you also realize that the bills still need to get paid. If you believe you have what it takes you can start your very own home-based business, such as these ideas listed above with very little down. They all allow you the flexibility to create your own schedule and be a bigger part of your child’s life from the very start.


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