Importance of Calcium During Pregnancy

Pregnant women require calcium inadequate to help in the growth of baby’s bones and Health. Healthy eating during pregnancy is important to give your baby a healthy start. Calcium is one of those important minerals that are highly essential for you and your unborn baby.

Importent of Calcium During Pregnancy

Why So you require calcium During Pregnancy?

A pregnant women require calcium to ensure that her baby has strong boons and health and a healthy heart an adequate supply of Calcium helps to decrease the threat of Precambrian and hypertension in the mother.

Why So you require calcium During Pregnancy?

How Much Calcium do you need during pregnancy?

A pregnant woman requires around 1000 milligrams (mg) of calcium per day.

How Much Calcium do you need during pregnancy?

Are Calcium supplements required?

A woman may consume calcium supplements if so prescribed by the gynaecologist one must consume Vitamin D in adequate amounts since it is required of the absorption of calcium in the body.

Are Calcium supplements required?

Name, Quantity and Amount of Natural Sources of Calcium :-

Amount of Calcium (MG)
Cow’s Milk
One Cup
277-352 Mg
Soy Milk
One Cup
300 Mg
Vanilla ice cream
One Cup
168 Mg
Orange Juice
One Cup
500 mg
Dried Figs
One Ounce
50 Mg
Cottage Cheese
One Cup
138 Mg
Raw kale
One Of Cup
100 Mg
Turnip Greens
One Cup
198 Mg


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