How to massage your baby Step by Step

baby massage

How to massage your baby Step by Step

They are massaged as soon as the baby is born so that their bones and muscles are strong. Baby Massage helps the body to get the right shape. Massage is a great way to express your love and affection. The massage done by the mother helps in establishing a close relationship between the mother and the child. In addition, massage helps in improving your child’s weight, improving blood circulation and digestive system of the child.
How to massage your baby Step by Step
After massage, your child sleeps in peace. Massage will not only affect the child but also the tiredness of you. Massage helps your child develop mentally and physically. According to a study, massage helps the newborn to fight jaundice. Massage reduces irritability in children.

When should Not Children’s Massage

Set a right time to massage. Do not massage the after baby feeding, because it can be vomiting. Children do not enjoy the massage performed during sleep. If your child starts crying during massage, then it is tired of massage. At the same time his smile will be a symbol of his happiness. In this article, the methods of massage of different organs of children have been given.

Relationship between mother and child is strong

Always massage the massage with your hands so that your child can enjoy it. Spread a towel on the floor for massage and massage the baby’s body with any vegetable oil. If your child starts crying during massage, keep it silent by hugging it. Never eat a baby’s massage after drinking milk and sleeping. This is a good way to strengthen the bones and muscles of children less than 6 months of age.
How to do Leg Massage: Start the massage with feet to remove the child’s fatigue. For this, rub oil on your hands and fractures thighs and come down to the feet. After the massage of one leg, massage the other leg in the same way.
How to do Claw Massage: Move the legs of the child in both directions before starting the foot massage. Then move the massage to the fingertips, starting with an ankle. Take this process on both feet.
How to do Heel Massage: Massage the baby’s small ankles with your thumb. During massage, your thumb should rotate in the ring.
How to do Toes Massage: Ticking the child’s feet between the fingers of your hands and pulling them lightly upwards. So massage every single finger in this way.
How to do Side Massage: Do the massage of arms as legs too. Put oil on your hands and rub the arms down to the wrists. Then move his wrist slowly in both directions.
How to do Hand Massage: Take the child’s hands in your hands and lightly massage your palm with your hands. Follow this procedure on the other hand.
How to do Hand Fingers Massage: Tighten the fingers of the fingers between the fingers of your hands and lightly move them upwards. Start this massage, start with the finger of the finger, and finish it on the ground. Massage the fingers of the other hand in the same way.
How to do Chest Massage: Keep your hands slightly above the baby’s chest while adding your hands. Then open the hands on the chest and massage the upper side. Repeat this process several times.
Open the hands with the same procedure for the next process and now instead of massage the upper side, instead of the thighs down. Do this whole massage with light hands.
How to do back Massage: Lay the child on the stomach and massage his entire back with his fingers. After this massage from shoulders to feet. Feed your baby after massage. After this relaxing massage, children will soon be lost in their dream world.


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