How to Manage Bottle Feeding While Travelling

How to Manage Bottle Feeding While Travelling
Out of all the things a mom needs to carry for her baby, feeding bottle is one of the most important items for babies. Being a parent, you will always be conscious of your baby’s meal. So, if you are taking your baby the first time for a trip then Hurray!! There is no need to panic. 
You people just keep calm and enjoy the trip. It doesn’t matter that you are taking your baby to the trip for just a day outing or 2 to 4 days trip or for a month, you have to feed your baby at a gap of 2 to 4 hours. So, being a mother you will always try to serve your baby in the best way you can. So, here we are giving you some tips so that you can manage bottle feeding for your little one while traveling:-
1. Carry Ready-Made Formula Milk
When you are traveling for a few days with your baby then carrying such king of readymade formula milk is a very good option. 
Carry Ready-Made Formula Milk
You will just have to pour the milk into a sterilized bottle and it will be very good to go. Even though it is very expensive, it is very less time consuming and healthy for your little one.
2. Must Carry Powdered Milk
It is not possible to carry home prepared milk for your whole trip. If you are out for a month then you must carry powdered milk with you so that you can prepare milk only when it is needed. 
Must Carry Powdered Milk
Preparing food only when it is needed reduces the luggage load and your baby can enjoy fresh and instantly made food just like home. 
3. Use High-quality Vacuum Flask
When you are on a long trip then you will need to prepare milk only when you need it. So, carrying a high-quality vacuum flask is an ideal idea. Whenever there will be any need for preparing the milk hot water will always be available. 
Use High-quality Vacuum Flask
Carrying a high-quality flask is very necessary because it will keep the water and according to your temperature for a long time. Flask will keep water warm according to the room temperature which is good for your baby’s health.
4. Use Single-use Pre Sterilized Bottles
When you are on a trip, it is not possible to clean and sterilize bottle everywhere. So, using single-use bottles is a very good idea. These types of bottles are use and throw as well as pre-sterilized. 
Use Single-use Pre Sterilized Bottles
This kind of bottles helps you in reducing many problems like carrying un-cleaned bottles, cleaning and sterilizing them whenever needed. 
5. Make Sure that the Water is Clean
Whenever you are on the trip, make sure that the water you are drinking and using is clean. Especially in the case of babies. Always use mineral water and if you have an option then please do boil the bottled water too. 
Make Sure that the Water is Clean
While purchasing the mineral water make sure that the water contains less than 200 mg of Sodium and less than 250 mg of sulfate. Dirty water may upset your baby’s stomach.
6. Carry a Dish Soap, Bottle, and a Brush
At the end of the day, you have to end up washing undoubtedly. So, carry a travel size soap and bottle with you so that you can wash the things no matter wherever you are because it seems very awkward to ask someone a piece of soap at an unknown place so, it is better to carry your own washing stuff.
7. Maintain the Hygiene 
If it is not possible to use those disposal feeding bottles then don’t forget to maintain the cleanliness by sterilizing the bottles before use. 
Maintain the Hygiene
Infants are very sensitive so, parents should never take any chance regarding the hygiene. Bottles must be sterilized before use at any cost. 
8. Use of Sterilising Bags
Since sterilizing is very important for babies we parents don’t take any risk on this matter. Though sterilizing is not very important for grown-up kids and some people admits that it is not even needed for younger babies. But, many types of research have proved that sterilizing bottles before feeding is very healthy for kids. 
Use of Sterilising Bags
So, you can carry sterilizing bags as these bags are easily available in medical stores or online markets. Sterilizing bags are very convenient to carry and very user-friendly product. Use a new bag after 24 hours to get better results. 
9. Get Baby used to with Room Temperature
At last, a pro tip to b given is that get your little munchkin used to with the room temperature feeding bottles. As it is not available to find warm water or milk wherever you want when you are on a trip. 
So, if your baby gets used to with the room temperature then you can feed your little one whenever and wherever you want to feed.
10. Carry more than 2 sets of Feeding Bottle
It is not possible to wash the bottles and sterilize them and then prepare milk for the baby everywhere when you are out on a trip. 
 Carry more than 2 sets of Feeding Bottle
So, it is convenient to carry more than 2 sets of the bottle so that you can keep the un-cleaned bottle aside and use the clean one. You can wash the un-cleaned bottles once you reach hotel or restaurant where cleaning facility is available.


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