How To Make Time for Exercise When You Got All The Excuses

Time for Exercise
How many times have you promised yourself that you will make time for exercise not just for weight loss reasons but for the massive health benefits it can give you? In all honesty, were you able to keep up with your promise? I knew it! You wouldn’t be here if you have, but don’t worry because you are not alone. Just like many of us, making time for exercise is a real struggle. As a matter of fact, according to the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, only 3 out of 10 adults are actually getting the recommended amount of exercise daily. Now, if you want to be the 4th on the statistics, you gotta start doing something about it seriously…
How To Make Time for Exercise When You Got All The Excuses
The Health Benefits of Exercise
I am pretty sure that we are all aware of the countless health benefits of exercise and yet we still fail to make time for it. For review (in case you have been bargaining whether you really need a daily dose of it or not), here are some of the notable benefits of regular exercise:
  • It helps you maintain or lose weight
  • It decreases the risks for cardiovascular diseases
  • It decreases the risks for Type 2 diabetes and other metabolic diseases
  • It decreases the risks for some types of cancer
  • It makes our muscles and bones stronger
  • It boosts our mood and mental functioning
How Do You Really Make Time for Exercise
It is very easy to come up with an excuse or two whenever a friend invites us for a group fitness session or each time we pass by our treadmill at home. This is usually true on days when we feel really tired from work and all we want to do is rest, thinking that exercising will just make us feel more tired. However, it isn’t the case because exercise can actually help us feel more relaxed because of the happy hormones we release during our workout. Plus, sweating will help detoxify our body and we will be able to have a good night sleep every time we finish  our post-work workout.
Perhaps you are wondering how others are able to squeeze in regular exercise in their daily schedule no matter how busy they are. Well, the answer is fairly simple – they consciously make time for it! Yes, exercise, just like any other key decisions in life is a matter of commitment. We make time for the things we prioritise, so the first step that we need to do is to actually put it on our priority list. This way, we are like signaling our brain that something urgent is needed to be done. Now, if these words aren’t enough fitness motivation for you, might as well check out the tips below to develop a commitment for regular exercise.
Make it fun
Exercise shouldn’t be routinary or you’ll end up getting bored. You can try other forms of physical fitness like swimming, social dancing, badminton, and more besides daily gym sessions or track running. This will make you look forward to every single fitness hour.
Have a fitness buddy
Let’s face it. We cannot always motivate ourselves because of uncontrollable circumstances. This is why we need a fitness buddy who will keep us motivated and engaged in doing our daily exercise and vice versa. You know, it’s more fun exercising with someone we enjoy spending a few minutes or an hour with daily.
Track your results
Another way to keep yourself motivated is by tracking your results. When you start seeing positive changes, you’ll definitely crave for more physical activity.
Reward yourself
Exercise is not a punishment because we had cheat meals or we’ve abused our bodies. Instead, it is one good way of rewarding bodies because it deserves to be in its optimum form. So, for every month that you did not miss an exercise, I suggest you reward yourself more with something you desire like a new pair of running shoes or a spa treatment.
Re-design your home gym
If your home gym has been hanging around for quite some time now and you start to see spider webs on your equipment, perhaps you need to enliven it. How about painting your walls a happy shade or getting a new set of sound system so you can groove to the music while exercising or how about buying a new fitness equipment like vibrating plates?
Often, it is ourselves that we have to overcome and the same is true when it comes to doing regular exercise. With these handy tips, we hope that you can start a new journey to becoming physically healthy! For more information, click here >> allvibrationplates | vibration plate reviews


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