How to Help my Girlfriend Lose Weight

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Once, you were successful at dating foreign women. She was beautiful and slim. But now, you suddenly notice that you can not sit next to your girlfriend in public transport: it is too cramped. Or that the new jeans of the second half are three sizes larger than a year ago. In general, you see that a loved one needs to lose weight. How to motivate, but not to injure a person and help her cope with the difficulties of losing weight?
How to Help my Girlfriend Lose Weight
Here it is, the day when on the question “How do I look?” You need to either lie or say: “You’re fat.”
It’s one thing, if a loved one has added a couple of kilos (or even all five), but did not go beyond the bounds of a healthy norm, and you basically want to see near you a slender Apollo or even a more harmonious nymph. And it is quite another case when excess weight creates real problems with appearance and well-being. You really need to take some steps. I just want to note, that in this article I mean the second case: the person forgot about herself, and the weight threatens with unpleasant consequences.
Who needs it?
When you said that it is necessary to change, and the person immediately revised the food plan and started running, there is nothing to discuss. In the real world, people are offended, capricious and seized with sadness. Always.
You will have to make a firm decision that you want to drag a friend or loved one to healthy pounds on your own back. 
Face to face with facts
To explain to a second half why you are concerned about her figure is the most difficult thing that can be in this process. When you find the right words, you can think that half of the work is done.
Tell the truth. Without truth, you cannot motivate anyone. But finding the right words is not so simple. On the one hand, words must reflect the full scale of a possible catastrophe. On the other hand, show your sincere intentions.
Make an emphasis on health and your relationships, and not on beauty and aesthetic preferences, so as not to provoke the development of complexes.
But this is another dirty trick, especially when you’re trying to motivate a girl. Your explanations will be dissected in search of insincerity.
Ask directly what to do
It is a magic remedy. Ask what you can do to help. Does she need your advice, joint trips to the gym, support with jogging? And what can you do to make the road to slim simplicity easier? Suddenly, a person has ideas, she is just too shy to ask.
Share information
Collect information about what helps to lose weight: with what services it is convenient to monitor nutrition, what training is needed to lose weight, how quickly to lose weight, how to make plans and how to stick to them, where to get motivation. And then send everything you found to the addressee. Do not forget to dose the flow of information so that not to annoy her.
Such research work should be carried out so that a person does not have the idea to lose weight with the help of fast diets or miracle means. We know that they do not work, but someone may not know this fact.
And this work will help you not to wait for the momentary effect of your own initiative: the words “you have to lose weight” have no effect, the loss of weight can take months. Keep that in mind.
Do not provoke a breakdown in the diet
If you live together, then take the nutrition into your own hands. Remove from the house all dangerous products in general, including stocks of sugar. Follow a healthy diet only, so that a person simply did not have an alternative: only steamed fish, only the HLS. Perhaps you will even have to learn how to cook.
Help her get started
On your part, it will be right to find a good coach yourself and explain the situation to him so that he supports the beginner. And then give a friend a few lessons from this very coach.
Someone is ready to lose weight on the dispute if at stake is a significant amount. Contend and put, you win in any case.
And someone needs more imagination to start. For example, you can invent a condition: if she wants to eat a cake, she must first run around the street or stadium three times. Funny and quite effective.


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