How To Consult With A Spinal Surgeon in Delhi?

It is very difficult to determine a good surgeon for the non-medical persons. Though there are many online rating and review sites, where you can find reputed and esteemed doctors and surgeons, there is still a probability of getting cheated. These sites tend to provide only peripheral information and thus it is very important to get the insight knowledge of the sites and surgeons as well before complete consideration. The ratings on these sites include crude information about the doctors which include “waiting time,” which seems actually irrelevant whether the doctor or surgeon is actually capable of reducing or treat the pain reason or not! 
How To Consult With A Spinal Surgeon in Delhi?
The major reason of getting tensed is whether the doctor is capable of determining the actual cause of the pain or issue. Spinal surgery can be the aftermath of your pain if detected properly. Find a best spinal surgeon in Delhi that will help increase the probability of you getting recovered as soon as the disease has been diagnosed. 
Here is a list of questions which you can ask doctors and surgeons to get a fruitful and successful treatment.
‘It’s just a disease which resides inside you and can be treated successfully if you show and speak out comfortably with your doctor. Forget about the surgeons and doctor’s identity except that he or she is the only person who can help you out at that time of emergency.’

Questions, you should ask:

1.    No. Of Times Surgery Has Been Performed Since His/Her Inception Of Career Line – It is a must to know that how many times have the doctor or surgeon has performed this particular type of surgery. The more the numbers are the more will be his hands perfect. After all, practice makes a man perfect. Be sure to ask for specifics such as ‘in which particular type he has mastery?’
2.    Board Certified Or Not – You should know whether he or she is a board eligible or board certified surgeon or no. The reputed doctors and surgeons a=hang their certificates on the wall of their clinic or hospital or cabin to showcase their accolades. Your surgeon should also be a member of a major spine organisation which adds to his or her merit list. 
3.    In Which Reputed Hospitals Have You Worked With? – Jot down the list of the hospitals and then search the stars of those treatment places. If they are reputed or best spinal surgeon hospitals in Delhi or not? 
4.    Fellowship Trained Or Not? – Are you fellowship trained in spine surgery? This is the most important information among all and thus you have got to ask for it. 
5.    Ask Directly For The Second Opinion – Who would be the best person where I can get the best second opinion. What will be your further recommendations? 
6.    Ask About The Success Rate – Statistically and practically, it is very important to ask about the personal success rate of your surgery
At the end of all these, ask your surgeon if you can meet other yet related patients or not and meet with them and try to discuss the problem they have had faced.


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