How Much Does It Cost To Set Up And Run A Dental Clinic In India?

Pediatric dentists are the best option to consider
It is not an easy task to establish a dental hospital. Even after successful establishment, a dentist will have to face a lot of hardships to run the hospital. Right from the education a person will have to take to become a dentist, a lot of expenses are to be met. If you are planning to become a dentist in the future, you will have to know many things. Let us learn here:
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Bachelor of Dental Surgery:
You might be aware you should first take the BDS or Bachelor of Dental Surgery course. It is a reputed degree in India. On completion of this course, the dentistry profession is also reputed in India. India produces around 30,000 dentists per year. Also, the dental colleges in India are around 300 in number.
Nearly 2 lakh dentists have registered with the Dental Council of India. This number looks like huge and it is true that there is a huge supply of dentists. Yes, the dentist-patient ratio is very poor in India. This means that there is a heavy supply of dentist as compared to the demand in place.
For this reason, dentists these days are ready to establish their clinics in any part of India. If you plan for a dentistry course, you should think before you decide. You should understand the costs involved in your journey. Yes, you should consider the expenses to be met right from the education until the smooth running of your dental clinic. Here are certain things to know in this regard.
Costs involved:
The costs involved in operating a dental clinic in the country can be broadly categorized into two groups and they are treatment costs and running costs. Here, the treatment costs include the money you will have to spend towards treating patients. Here, you might be surprised to know why you should spend as it is only the patients, who will have to spend. To provide treatments like dental fillings, tooth extraction, root canal treatment, dental crowns, and dental implants, you should actually spend in shopping for different devices to provide these treatments:
Costs involved in treatment:
As a dentist, you will need many instruments and machines to perform procedures on your patients. Here are some fundamental requirements to plan:
  • You will have to consider the one-time expense you will have to incur on the dental chair.
  • The other one-time expenses you will have to make are for basic hand instruments. Even, you will have to spend one-time money on X-Ray sensor and dental drills.
  • Also, remember that these devices undergo regular wear and tear. So, they need replacements over a period of time.
Running costs:
In addition to the treatment cost and set up cost, you will have to incur running costs. You will have to spend similar expenses like the owner of a commercial establishment. Here are such costs include:
  • Rental and maintenance cost
  • Internet, phone, water and electricity cost
  • White goods like refrigerators, air conditioners, and computers
  • Marketing costs 
  • Salary for staff like for associate doctors, assistants, and receptionist
Property cost:
You will also have to consider the property cost. If you are planning to hire a space, you will have to spend on leasing or renting. If you wish to own, you will have to spend on construction of space. In both cases, you should consider the space actually needed for establishing the clinic. You should have enough space for dental procedures, reception area and for surgeries.
Now, you know the setting up and running costs are huge for any dentist. With each day passing by the costs involved are increasing and not decreasing. So, a complete market research is important before you actually get into the setting up of a dental clinic. But, you will not have to face these expenses if you work for a dentist office.


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