How long does it take to recover from liposuction?

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Thanks to the recent technological advancements in the medical industry, the liposuction surgery has grown incredibly popular in both men and women in the past decade. As the procedure has become more effective, safer and more economical than ever before. According to a report doctors performed liposuction 200,000 times in 2013. 
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Now coming to its recovery time, well since liposuction is an outpatient surgery so recovery is generally quick and is often only a matter of days. In most cases, a patient would be able to return to work within a few days following their surgery. And typically it would take them about 2-4 weeks to resume all normal activities. 
But still everyone heals at different rates and it mainly depends on the size of the treated area. The following timeline will give you a general idea of what to expect following surgery. From the Liposuction Institute, here is a typical recovery timeline.
Weeks 1-2 After Liposuction
The first two weeks will be a little hard to go through as you will feel sore and pain right after anesthesia effects worn of. The pain will be tolerable but you may be prescribed pain-relievers that you can take in case the pain gets quite debilitating. Your movement may be limited around this time. You will have to use compression garments for covering treatment areas to reduce the typical swelling after liposuction. Swelling will start to recede after the first week but can take up to six months in some cases to disappear. Once the swelling starts to recede the results you desire will gradually reveal them-self. What really makes the first 2 weeks hard along the pain and swelling, is the constant monitoring of the wounds for infections. So your daily activities will be limited around this time.
Weeks 2-4 After Liposuction
Around this time, your incisions should have already healed while the swelling will be receding. You may return to your daily life activities immediately after surgery, and around the third week light to moderate exercises such as jogging, strolling may be done but refrain from intensive exercises. Also reduce your activity if pain or discomfort is experienced.
Weeks 4 and Beyond
After almost a month following the surgery, the bruising will not be noticeable anymore and your new body shape will start to become more obvious. You will be able to fully return to activities of daily life provided that you are already able to do so. By the 6 week, you will start seeing the results, but still as mentioned earlier it may take as much as 6 months for the swelling to completely subside.
Ultimately, adherence and patience to post-surgery instructions from your doctor are the key qualities a patient must have to get the most best possible aesthetic results of liposuction. So always go to your doctor in-case you experience discomfort or anything else unusual and then follow his instructions religiously.


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