How Health is Affected by Lifestyle?

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Today in this article we are going to talk about how health is affected by lifestyle. Two types of lifestyles exist, a healthy one and obviously a bad life style. Each of them has opposite effects on the health of a person. If a person adopts a healthy life style good effects occur on the person’s health and vice versa.
How Health is Affected by Lifestyle?
Here we will tell you the advantages and effects of a good life style and a bad life style on a person’s health. We will give you in-depth knowledge and understanding about the factors of life styles by which health is affected. 
We will also tell you the tips to have a better life style so your health should not get affected by it.
DIVERSITY IN LIFESTYLES: According to Google, a person who has a bad life style like if he smokes, eats poorly or excessively, drinks alcohol and not exercises much is two to three times more likely to die of heart disease or chronic disease. 
He is also on the verge of dying of cancer and the risk increases four times of the people who have a bad life style. On the contrary, people who have a healthy life style in which they quit bad habits, exercise daily and eats good and required food are more likely to live longer and have a better life. Health is a complex thing. It is influenced by a number of different factors like age, employment, surrounding, habits, genetics and living conditions.
Different lifestyles and health related habits can cause a great influence on a person’s health. The main factor for having good health is a healthy heart. In order to keep the heart healthy, you should keep checking its condition regularly. For a regular checkup, you should have a stethoscope at home. 
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mental health
EFFECTS ON MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH: Life styles affect both your mental and physical health. Healthy life style helps you to improve your health. Mental illness is a real health issue. This illness is not only affected by life style but also by the interaction with the people and the surroundings.
To fully examine a person’s mental health and impact of life style on it, it is really important to examine both their individual and combined impact. Physical health also matters the same way as mental health. If a person is sluggish and do not exercise obesity starts to take over his body and this leads to many cardio vascular diseases.
According to a health survey, the UK has the highest amount of obese people. It is because of the lethargic lifestyle of those people and this number is increasing day by day.
TIPS FOR BETTER LIFESTYLE AND ITS EFFECTS ON HEALTH: Having a healthy diet is the first thing in having a healthy life style. A healthy diet has really good effects on human mental and physical health.
A healthy diet increases the metabolism and helps our body to rebuild and recover from illness. The second thing is exercising regularly. This leaves refreshing and beneficial effects on a person’s mind and body.
Doing an optimum exercise regularly increases blood circulation in our body, controls cholesterol level and reduce obesity from our body. Sleep is also one of the main factors of a healthy life style that affects health. We should aim for the lucky number seven.
A seven-hour sleep for a normal person gives mental and physical stress relief. A stress-free environment is important for mental health. Modest but achievable life style changes can be adopted to leave a considerable effect on health.
So here are the details of how health is affected by lifestyle. I hope this article will help you in the best way possible. I am sure you will love this article.


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