Home Remedies to Increase Appetite in Babies

Home Remedies to Increase Appetite in Babies
“My child does not eat well” This is a common complaint that you will get to hear everywhere. Anorexia is a common eating disorder that should not be taken lightly. A person suffering from anorexia does not feel hungry. In anorexia, the patient does not eat much food and he starts eating something without eating – and the sour dancers begin to appear. It is as easy as finding this problem, finding the right solution is as difficult. In many cases, this problem can be a life threat to physical and mental complications.
Home Remedies to Increase Appetite in Babies

The reason for not feeling hungry in children

Some children are likely to have this disease in genetic form.
Lack of education about eating etiquette
Always the same type of food in the food
Depression or any fear in childhood.
Appetite symptoms in children
Weight event
Do not increase weight according to age
Unable to eat cold items
Deficiency of fighting diseases
Fatigue, lethargy
Problems in the stomach
Young girls do not have menstruation
It is time to take time to heal the wound. There are some main symptoms that you can see in the child.
Mainly weight loss, weight loss, depression and stomach upset etc. are important symptoms of meditation.

These easy steps will increase your child’s hunger

Keep away from fast food
According to physicians, consumption of fast food suppresses appetite. The excessive amount of calories consumed by them decreases appetite and the child eats less. It is therefore important that you add habit of at least fast food to your child. Allow him to fast once a week.
Do not drink water after meals
If you and your child feel hungry, then immediately after drinking the food, soon after drinking water. If so, then turn it off slowly. According to Ayurveda, drinking water immediately after meals constitutes constipation in your stomach, which affects your appetite.
Eat apples
If you do not have an appetite, you should give your child to eat apples. If you can, then eat apples with black salt. By consuming apples every day your baby’s blood will be cleaned and it will feel more hungry than before. If your child does not like to eat apples, you can also give apple juice to him.
Parsley powder
In the problem of not feeling hungry, the oatmeal is proven to be a panacea. Grind the oven for grinding powder and add black salt in it and drink it daily. In addition, you boil a spoonful oatmeal and two pinch of black salt in one cup of water. Drink it on cooling when it’s cool. This will improve on hunger for a few weeks!
Peppermint (pudeena)
Sauce made from mint or mint is easy home remedy to increase hunger or get relief from constipation. If you do not like chutney then you can add honey according to the taste of mint juice. Take two spoons of this mixture with lukewarm water daily in the morning. Your stomach will be cleaned and your appetite will begin to grow.
Eat green vegetables
The excessive consumption of green vegetables reduces the constipation problem in your stomach. By doing so, there are sufficient amounts of calcium in your body. Having a complaint of constipation will not make gas in your stomach and your stomach will be lighter than before. This will increase your appetite.
Eat Lechi
Either of the fruits will benefit your child’s body. But after consuming litchi before the meal your baby’s appetite will grow very quickly. By eating lechi, the digestive power of the body increases, which will directly affect your child’s appetite!
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