Home Remedies For Treating Baby Diaper Rash

Treating Baby Diaper Rash
Diaper rashes are very common in babies. you can find here are some home remedies to treat them.

Home Remedies For Treating Diaper Rash

Breast Milk

Natural, readily available and risk free, breast milk is the best way to heal diaper rashes. Just clean the baby’s skin gently and rub a few drops of breast milk on the baby skin and allow the skin to heal.

Shea Butter

Known for its anti inflammatory, antifungal and yeast-killing properties, shea butter is extremely helpful in healing skin rashes. After cleaning baby’s skin with lukewarm water and drying it, just apply some shea butter to heal the rashes.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is the best natural moisturizer. Its antimicrobial and antifungal properties make it completely safe for the baby. you can apply it as often as required.

Dashi Ghee

Always available in you kitchen. Ghee has no side effects and soothes the baby’s skin immensely. Just apply some ghee on your baby’s bottom after cleaning him every time.


Soothe your baby’s inflamed skin with some sugar free yogurt and see how your baby relieved of diaper rashes.

Some Point to Remember 

1. Once you have cleaned your baby’s bottom, Let his bottom be cloth free. This allows the skin to get some fresh air.

2. Even if the diaper is not soiled, change it every 2-3 hour and give the skin some naked time to allow the skin to breathe and be dry.

3. Always make your baby wear and diaper according to his/her weight. A diaper that is too tight is more likely to give blisters to your munchkin’s delicate skin.

4. Do not dress up the baby in very tight clothing.

5. When you are at home, make the baby wear soft cotton nappies, without and bottoms.


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