Home Remedies For Fever in Kids


Children are very prone to fever and most parents; don’t like giving too much medication to their children at such a young age. Thus, most health-conscious parents prefer home remedies for their kids.

Home remedies are safe; with little to no side effect at all. But as a parent; you should know what kind of home remedies to give to your babies.

There are like a billion homemade remedies for the common cold; cough; fever and flu. However; choosing the right remedy for children is not that easy, especially if you have kids that are very choosy.

I remember my sister and me; when we were kids. I eat almost everything; while she disliked almost everything. The only thing she loves is dal and potatoes.

In the same manner, most children all like this; so, while making home remedies for fever in kids; one must master the art of food fads in children and make just that.

Besides kitchen remedies are healthier than synthetic medicines. Here is some of the most likable food for children, to reduce and heal fever.

Home remedies for fever in kids

A fever might be unpleasant and uncomfortable for a child. So, the first thing is; to reduce the temperature in the body.

1. Lemon juice with sugar

Lemon juice with sugar has the tendency to lower down the body temperature during fever. Not only that it helps in lowering down the temperature, but it is sweet and tasty and every child would love having it.

Lemon juice increases the immunity in the body and helps fight against fever.

How to use:

Take a lemon and cut it into halve. Squeeze the lemon juice in a glass and add 1 tablespoon of sugar and a pinch of salt.

Then add lukewarm water and stir well. The solution is ready.

2. Put a cold wet cloth on the forehead

This method is the first aid to fever. When the temperature suddenly rises; placing a cold wet cloth on the forehead will calm the child and lower his/her body temperature.

This is very helpful, in case of emergency and even before visiting a doctor. Just keep in mind not to cover the child with a thick blanket.

Usage: For 15 minutes

3. Oranges another great home remedies for fever in kids

Oranges are the next best thing for healing fever, cold and cough. If your baby is too small to have oranges; you can squeeze the juice and give it to him/her.

It is rich in antioxidants that help prevent and cures fever in no time. Oranges also boost the immune system of the child and promote health.

Usage: Every half an hour for two hours as long as the baby is willing to drink

4. Acupressure:

This is a natural way to heal fever and many other diseases, but there are specific points that you need to keep in mind while doing so.

How to use:

With the tips of your fingers; gently massage and press the point the palm of your child especially at the tips of all their fingers.

Then; did you see the red dots on the image? Those are the points where you need to put gentle pressure on the fingers of your child to reduce fever.

The index and the middle fingers; should be press only when the fever is very high, otherwise, press only the points shown on the thumb only. (for 15-20 minutes only)

Usage: Twice a day; before lunch and dinner. Keep in mind that you should not do acupressure after the meal. Best is with an empty stomach.

5. Honey with a few drops of lime:

Giving honey with a few drops of lime will also help reduce fever in children. Take a teaspoon of honey and add 2-3 drops of lime juice in it.

Usage: Give this for every 30 minutes interval of time for two hours.

6. Valencia:

Valencia is much better than oranges when it comes to fever treatment. A glass of Valencia juice will reduce fever immediately.

Valencia is a hybridized fruit of oranges’ which have more anti-oxidants and produce more juice as compared to oranges. It also heals chronic cough. This is based on my personal experience.

I was coughing for two-three weeks every day. I took medicines, visit a doctor but to no vain. I was scared less it might turn to something else.

Someone suggest me to used fruits instead. However; I eat one Valencia on the first day and another on the next day and my cough reduces immediately. On the third day; I was healed but I continue having it for a week to detox my body.

The power of fresh fruits on our health and well being. These are the best Home remedies for fever in kids. Not only that these remedies heal fever but they boost the immunity in the body and prevent common cold and cough.


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