Home Remedies for Child Bed-wetting

Home Remedies for Child Bed-wetting The habit of bed-wetting on the bed is not unusual in newborn babies and children. But if the child is 7-8 years old and pits in bed then this situation becomes worrisome. Children’s bladder is small, and they cannot stop urination for a long time. This may be a reason for urinating in bed. This problem of many children is genetic. With this, it can also happen due to scary dreams. This problem gets better with time. But in many places it may be filled with embarrassment for parents. Children also agree with this reason. That’s why parents find solutions to this problem. There are many natural remedies to finish it. Here we will tell you some home remedies so that your child will stop urinating in bed.

Home Remedies for Child Bed-wetting

Home Remedies for Stop Newborn baby Bed-wetting

Raisins : Those children who wet the bed-wetting them a few pieces of museum before sleeping. Also keep in mind that after the evening they do not drink fluids and feed them by making potato pudding in the food.

Walnut : Feed two nuts and 10 to 12 raisins per day for 15 to 20 days to the children. The habit of bedwetting will be overcome.

Sugar-Candy : Mix two grams of grounded sugar candy and give it to the whiskey of a spoonful quantity. Drink cold water from this, it will remove the disease of urinating in bed.

Gooseberry (Amla) : Mix one gram of roasted gooseberry, one gram of black gram and two gram and sugar mixed with sugar mixed with a spoonful quantity. Wear cold water on it. This will remove the disease of urinating in buster.

50 grams of dry gooseberry and 50 grams black cumin seeds and mix them in 300 grams of pure honey. Mix six grams of this in the morning and evening children.

Banana : Half of the child and one quarter cup of gooseberry juice mixed with sugar according to the taste. This will stop the urine from frequent urinating.

Blackberry (Jaamun) : Mix the kernels with the water of blackberry with water and give it to the child. The child will stop urinating in bed.

Jaggery : It is absolutely perfect for giving a child’s body a sunny heat. The child gets heat from inside as soon as it is consumed. This can end the problem of urinating in bed. Feed your jug a piece of jaggery with hot milk every morning.

Mustard Powder : To make this, make a mixture by mixing half a teaspoon mustard seed powder in a cup of hot milk. Give it to your child before he sleeps. According to research, the mustard seeds are the most appropriate treatment to correct the urinary tract problem. By consuming a handful of mustard seed, this problem of urine can be found in the bed.

Guidelines and Ayurvedic Remedies for stop Children Urinating in Bed

Children do not deliberately wet the bed. They do not have any control over themselves. Do not let them understand themselves by being angry or scolding or expressing their displeasure, but act wisely.

Before sleeping at night, consuming Ayurvedic medicines as a powder with lukewarm milk benefits.
Fry the coriander seeds on a pan until they become brown. Mix one spoonful of pomegranate flowers, sesame seeds, and acacia glue to a mixture, and make a powder. Mix a little sugar candy in it and give it to the baby while sleeping.

Do not eat baby potato, green gram, chocolate, tea, coffee and spicy food, which causes gas in the stomach. Do not consume any type of fluid until a few hours before sleeping.

Ask the child to evacuate his bladder two to three hours before sleeping. Then keep an alarm for two or three hours after sleeping so that he can wake up to urinate.

Sometimes the death of a member of a family or a friend, the separation of parents, etc., can cause high stress in children and can cause bed-wetting in sleep.

Try to understand the feelings of the child and take positive steps to swallow them before they become emotionally stressed and expelled from sleep through diarrhea.

Include acidic, ginger, celery, cumin, mint and basil etc. in regular diet. Stress-resistant medicines like Brahmi, Shankhuppi, Jastanas etc. are also very effective.

Before sleeping, using a spoonful of honey can also be found to control the wetting of the bed in sleep.

Other Ayurvedic medicines are Vishatinduka Vati, Shilajitwadi Vati, Chandraprabha Vati, etc.


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