Getting Ready for Your Newborn: What First Time Moms Need

Getting Ready for Your Newborn
There is nothing more precious than bringing a child into the world. As a new mom, there is much preparation that must go into this blessed event. You may find yourself in a full-on panic mode as you prepare for your arrival.

What First Time Moms Need

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Here are ten things that you need to ensure you and your newborn have a smooth transition: 

1. Burp Cloths 
You hope that your child does not have a problem with spitting up constantly. However, you need to prepare yourself for burping time. Having a cloth that you can put over your shoulder will save many outfits from.
Burp Cloths

Have an ample stock of these vital rags on hand to ensure that you can quickly clean up any mess and move about your day. If you think five is a respectable number to have on hand, then you must not know how messy a child can be. Gather these essentials by the dozens as laundry becomes less important when you have a screaming child that needs to be fed.

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2. Footie Pajamas and Oneness 
Whether you have a summer baby or one right during the winter really does not matter. Your baby’s body temperature seems to be on the cold side. Even if it is scorching 90 degrees outside, your child could be shaking inside.

Footie Pajamas and Oneness

They are especially prone to cold feet and hands. Having oneness that have the little mittens made on and pajamas with the footie in them can help you to ensure that when the AC is cracking the baby is comfortable. You will also find they are great for winter when the snow is blowing too.

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3. Gas Drops 
If you are one of the lucky ones that do not have to deal with gas or colic, then count yourself lucky. The pain that these conditions cause your little one is unbearable for them and you. Gas drops are a safe and effective way to help treat these conditions.
Gas Drops

They are available at any department store or pharmacy and do not cost a great deal either. Make sure to have these on hand before the baby arrives. There is nothing like needing them at 3 am and need to make a store run when you are half asleep.

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4. Shampoo, Lotions, and Diaper Rash Cream for Baby 
Babies tend to drool, vomit, and wallow in their juices most of the day. You are going to need to bath them more frequently than you think. Their skin is very delicate, and it can become chaffed or develop a rash more so than older children.
Shampoo, Lotions, and Diaper Rash Cream for Baby

Baby shampoos and lotions are not a hoax to get you to spend money. They have specially formulated blends that are suitable for baby’s delicate skin. Make sure you have some on hand to help keep rashes and chaffing to a minimum. Plus, it has a great smell too. 

5. Sheets and Blankets 
Almost all first-time mothers are surprised by how often the sheets and other linens need to be changed. Babies are messy, so the parents need to be prepared.
Sheets and Blankets

Make sure your sheet is waterproof and covers the entire mattress down to the corners. Some sheets fit better than others, and you want to ensure that the mattress is protected. After the first real mess in the crib, you will be so glad you are covered.

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6. A Rocking Chair 
Sure, you can do without the rocker and use your skills to rock a child to sleep, but having a comfortable rocking chair sure helps with those 2 am feedings.
A Rocking Chair

Something is soothing about the gentle motion of moving back and forth that seems to calm a cranky child. You will be thankful for this chair when you are tired and want to relax, but the baby is still awake.

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7. Diapers and Wipes 
Everyone knows that you need some diapers and wipes for when the baby comes home. You may even throw in a fancy device that heats the wipes or holds the diapers to keep smells at bay. You may, however, underestimate how much of a supply you should keep on hand.

The average child uses eight diapers a day. If you calculate that it is about 2,920 a year. You can only ensure that your child will wear a size for a short while. Having at least a month’s supply is wise.

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8. Portable Changing Pad 
Eventually, you will want to venture out into the real world with your baby. Using those restrooms changing stations are less than desirable.
Portable Changing Pad

A portable changing pad will ensure that baby is safe when you must use those units that hundreds of other babies have also used.

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9. A Supreme Diaper Bag 
The name brand of the diaper bag does not matter as much as the storage space it provides. You need a nice bag that has plenty of compartments and can handle everything you need to tow around.
A Supreme Diaper Bag

Spending a bit more to get a nice bag is a wise investment. You will use this thing for years to come.

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10. A Stroller 
A stroller is not just an option. Carrying around a baby and the diaper bag and everything else you must haul around is overwhelming. A nice portable stroller simplifies your stroll through the mall or the local zoo. A car seat and stroller combination are also a good option. 
A Stroller
Finally, moms make sure you keep some quick snacks on hand. You may not have time to get a nap and a turkey sandwich at the same time. Grabbing a quick granola bar or a pack of peanuts may be the only nourishment you get for the day. Keep healthy things near you that can boost your energy and keep you from starving.

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Adjusting to life with a baby is going to be difficult. Thankfully, the journey is worth every sleepless night and days when you want to pull your hair out. By stocking up on these ten things, you will ensure your transition is well prepared.

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