Getting Back To Work after Having a Baby for a Mom Is a Challenging Task

Yes it’s not a piece of cake for a mom to come back to work after giving birth to a baby, it’s a myth that a mother can nurse naturally or feeding to a baby comes naturally; no it’s not! A mother has to face huge dilemmas in feeding milk to her baby. First of all, working mothers struggle to feed their babies but somehow in most of the cases these mothers end up with expressing breast milk by artificial suction pumps or breast pumps, this method is also known as Eping. 
Getting Back To Work after Having a Baby for a Mom Is a Challenging Task
Babies loose their weight in this struggle, somehow some of the mothers succeed and start to feel natural after many weeks and on the other hand some of the mothers fail to feed their babies and they are ought to use breast milk pumping methods.In this struggle the mother may start to feel hatred for her husband too and a times she thinks her husband is unable to understand her struggle. 
What problems can a newly being mom can have?

Breast feeding issues
Shortage of time to spend with newborn
Hatred for husband
Weight gain
Appetite changes
How to handle  her baby

Tips for moms who are inclined to use “pumping breast milk technique”:

Do use a quality pump for pumping breast milk because it makes a huge difference.
Pump breast milk every two hours because normally a newborn feeds 8-12 times every 24 hours.
Pump breast milk for about 15-20 minutes around.
Keep the pump speed at low for comfortable and easy expression of milk.
Express about 19 oz – 30 oz of milk. It’s the amount normally a baby takes.
Slowly feed the baby because baby cannot control the speed of flow of milk.

    Parts of breast pump:
         • Breast shield:
    A domed cup that covers areola.
         • Pump:

    It creates a vacuum to make pumping of milk easier.
         • Container:
    A container that collects milk and is detachable and is attached to the pump.
    Types of breast pumps:

    Manual pumps: used manually by squeezing pump through hand.
    Battery pumps: uses battery for pump movement.
    Electric pumps: pumps when attached to electric source

      Tasks for a mother to avoid stress due to work challenges with a newborn:

      Keep in touch with your doctor.
      Keep in touch with your baby when on work.
      Hire a nanny and schedule the timings for diaper change and feed.
      Don’t feel guilty for what others say about your work and new born.
      Don’t feel your spouse is not doing well for you. He is doing his best.
      Go for proper exercises to avoid weight tension.
      No need to eat lot of food focus on quality not on quantity. It’s healthy for you and your baby.
      Eat high protein diet and take milk.
      Talk to your husband while you feel difficulty in any case.
      Sit with your husband and talk about your favorite topics.
      Go to some recreational spots with your baby and husband.
      If you feel restless or sleeplessness read a good book at night and consult your doctor.

        Advise for newbie moms out there having troubles in nursing or the rest of problems:

        newborn baby care tips
        Eat tight, sleep well, stay happy, love your spouse and stay healthy all of newbie moms, this is the advice for you all because when you are healthy and happy everything is at its best!


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