Get Rid of Baby Thumb Sucking Habit

Get Rid of Baby Thumb Sucking Habit

5 Remedies to Get Rid of Thumb Sucking in Children

You have often seen the children sucking their thumbs in the mouth, usually this habit of children seems sweet to us, but this habit does not leave the habit many times as the child grows. Regardless of parents’ efforts, children do not get used to this. Know 5 Tips to Get Rid Of The Thumbs Of Sucking Thing. 

Get Rid of Baby Thumb Sucking Habit

Put some substance on the thumb

The child does not get used to it altogether, for this, it should start slowly, as if on the child’s thumb, apply any substance that the baby does not like, such as lemon juice, neem juice etc. The child will feel tasteless and will stop sucking the thumb or less. After this gradually the child will get rid of this habit.

Keep the child busy in other things

To get rid of this habit of children, you should keep the child busy in any other work, such as giving him a toy or putting his favorite poem or song in front of it. Just keep in mind that both the hands of the child are busy and the child’s attention should not go towards the thumb. Even with this remedy, the child will forget the habit of throwing thumbs in his mouth. If you ask the child to leave the habit with anger or scolding, he will not get rid of it, but with this remedy, he can get rid of this habit.

Do not Starve the Child

If the child is hungry, then his attention will definitely go towards the thumb in the mouth. In such a way, give the child some food after a little while or drink juice and milk. This will fill the child’s stomach and he will forget his habit of putting his thumb in the mouth. Grab candy or lollipops in the hands of the children, when the child put candy or lollipop in place of the thumb, then the thumb will leave the habit.

Explain with Love

If your child is big and can understand your point better, then explain to him and tell him about the losses of this habit. Do not ever ask the child to leave this habit by scolding or kissing. Children understand and believe only the language of love. By scolding or killing, the child’s confidence will also be reduced.

Keep Baby Happy

It is believed that the big children who put a thumb in the mouth can be due to the stress or it may happen that they feel lonely themselves, in such a way, be happy with your child. Do not let him alone. Let your child do the work of his choice, make him a food of his choice, feed him, give him a gift or take him to roam. Always encourage your child and encourage him. By doing so, the child will feel safe and stop thumb sucking.

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