Five of the Best Ways to Make Senior Living Safer

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Having an elderly at home is pleasant and concerning at the same time. You cannot hope that they will be able to take care of themselves because mostly aged people suffer from various kinds of impairment which leaves the responsibility of their safety on our shoulders. Being an adult, I am sure you must be confused about this side of the equation, and you might not understand how you can aid your elderly parent stay safe. Fret not, just read these few tips that I’m giving you, and it should work.
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1.    Make Home Safe
First of all, you need to make the living area a safer space for them. Remove things from home that might cause entanglement and tripping, because elderly tend to have a weaker vision. Also, consider placing the furniture in a manner that helps them move their wheelchair around the place quickly if they use it. Their safety should be your priority so you should be making necessary changes at your place such as installing a smoke detector etc. to prevent accidents. 
2. Make The Bathroom Safe
You should consider making the bathroom a safer place for them because that is where elderly tend to slip and fall most often. You should get some grab-on bars installed beside the shower so they can hold onto them and won’t slip. Similarly, put antiskid mats in and outside the bathtub to avoid slipping from the wet floor. Make sure the bathroom is well-lit and adjust a filter for temperature so that they don’t end up getting their skin scalded with too hot water.
3. Get Their Vision Checked
Another critical measure you need to take is getting their vision checked. Elderly people tend to have weaker eyesight, and therefore it can be tough for them to avoid a fall at times. Weaker vision can be caused due to various reasons, try and see if those goals can be eliminated. If they wear spectacles, make sure they aren’t made of darker glass because it can cause glaring effect if they enter a dark building from light which can cause them to trip.
4. Advise them to Use Lift
I’m meticulous regarding the stairs. If you live in an apartment several stories above the ground, consider asking your parents to use a lift because elderly are prone to falling from the stairs and a fall down a flight of several stairs can be perilous for them. Lift is always a better option.
5. Watch Out for Symptoms
If you want to treat potential health issues before they have taken their roots deep in your parent’s bodies, you better watch out for the symptoms of various forms of dementia, and other similar diseases. These diseases cannot be cured however the sooner treatment begins the better. With proper treatment and diet, these issues can be controlled to a significant degree.  So be vigilant and increase their life expectancy.
I hope these tips prove helpful.
Author Bio: This article was written by Chris Palmer who regularly shares advice on elderly care. In particular dementia and supporting your elderly parent. You can find more by Chris on:


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