Facts About Drinking Water

Facts About Drinking Water
Water is highly essential in the lives of people. A person may be able to survive a month without food but would not survive a week without water. Here are some facts you need to know about water:
Facts About Drinking Water

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Water composes 70% of the human body.

The cells in the body are partly made out of water. This is why water is highly important in the body and why it is bad to become dehydrated.

Dehydration will cause the malfunctioning of organs since they are partly made out of water and would require a certain amount to continue their functions. Dehydration can also affect the state of the mind of the person and can greatly affect their decisions and actions.

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Drinking water can help flush out toxins.
The kidneys in the body are responsible for the removal of toxins in the blood that comes from the food that we eat. Drinking water can help in flushing out these toxins and by aiding the kidney through the form of urine.

Not only this, the sweat glands in the body also helps in removing toxins through perspiration. Drinking water can aid in these processes and can also help in re-hydrating the body after the body releases water through these processes.

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Drinking water can help in weight loss.
Although water accounts for 70% of the body weight of the individual, it can help in the process of losing weight. It can greatly help in increasing and aiding the process of metabolism, especially cold water.

Metabolism is known as the burning of food inside the body and those who have increased metabolism would be able to burn more food into energy thus helping them lose weight.

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Water may contain toxins and chemicals.
Water is known to flow from different places. Usually the source of tap water comes from different bodies of water and these bodies are known to be interconnected to one another.

This means that there is a possibility that polluted water from one source is connected to another. Although water goes through a process of filtration and cleaning, there is still a possibility that tap water contains a small part of toxins, chemicals, and pollutants.

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So, it is always advisable to use a water purifier for your drinking water. It is only you who can prevent yourself from water-borne diseases.

Plastic bottled water may leach chemicals and bacteria if not cleaned properly.
Plastic bottled water poses a significant danger to those who like refilling them as well as reusing the containers. Plastic used in water bottles can leach chemicals when it is used over and over.

It can also house bacteria when it is not cleaned properly and may cause different types of diseases on the body. Some of the possible effects may be amoebas which is caused by amoeba that have entered the body through contaminated water.

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Water can truly be a wonder for the body but may also pose some negative effects if not properly taken in. With the help of alkaline water, you will be able to maximize its potential and aid in the many different processes in the body.


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