Eyebrow Threading – A Unique Technique For Perfect Eyebrows

Eyebrow Threading
With just a piece of thread, you will get your desired eyebrows. Although it is not a new technique, the effect it brings is very worthy of attention.
Threading is a method of eyebrow pruning originated from India, with this method you use twisted threads to pluck your eyebrow. Threading helps to remove the smallest eyebrows, redundant eyebrows, or eyebrows growing in places that can not be plucked by hand and waxing. This technique helps create a graceful and clean eyebrow, and brows are clearly defined by eye frame.
Eyebrow Threading
The area around eyes is quite sensitive. Waxing contains some chemical components such as moisturizers that may affect this skin area. When using the waxing technique, the skin around eyes is stretched, a layer of skin is affected. This facilitates appearance of wrinkles around eyes, causing the skin to age.
Meanwhile, using threading in eyebrow shaping makes the area around the eyes less reddened and smoother. Therefore, eyebrow threading is a great option for people with sensitive skin or those being allergic to depilatory or waxing medications.
Steps of eyebrows threading as follows:
Step 1

First you will need to prepare a piece of sewing thread. Then tie it in a knot to make a loop.
Before shaving your eyebrows with a piece of thread, shape your eyebrows to match your face and preferences. There is a suggestion for you: curved eyebrows fit the square face, bow-shaped eyebrows fit the round face, and horizontal eyebrows are  perfect choice for long face.
Step 2

After shaping the appropriate eyebrows, you cross the two part of the thread together into the number 8. Next, twist your fingers a few more times in the same direction to keep shape of the thread.
Step 3
Put your index finger and thumb inside both ends of the 8-shaped thread. 
You keep the fingers of one hand pinched together while opening the fingers of the other hand. This will make the twisted part of the thread over slide. When the thread moves, it will pull hair out. 
Step 4
You should be sure you pluck the hair in the opposite direction of the way it grows. 
Put one hand above your brow and another below. To move the twisted part of the thread, you use the hand below your brow. 
The hair needed to pull out is placed in the ‘V’ part of the thread. 
Move the twist over the hair by opening fingers on hand below brow. The hair is caught in this twist and will be pulled out. It will work easier and be painless when you do this movement quickly.
Step 5
Redo the twist in the middle of thread and repeat step 4 over again until get the eyebrow as your expectation
Notes for eyebrow threading
Before and after pruning your eyebrows, you should wash your face and your brows area. Once finished, you must remember to use cotton wool soaked in tea tree oil to soothe those areas.
You always look in mirror to prune the eyebrows exactly. Because if you ignore just a little, you will mistake immediately. This often causes redness and even bleeding of the skin around your eyes.
Firstly, trim your outside eyebrows, then to the area of the formed eyebrow.
Make sure your eyebrow trimmer is properly trained. Give questions for the trimmer to ensure that she is an experienced and skilled trimmer.
In the first time, the eyebrow threading can cause irritation and redness of the skin near the eyebrows, but it will reduce regularly for a few hours later. You should keep the eyebrow threading two times every week to retain the grateful, tidy and sharp shape of eyebrow.
If the area around your eyebrows is reddened, it is best to wash the face with cold water then apply a mask to the area to soften it.
When you trim your eyebrows, you should choose a place where there is plenty of natural light so that your eyebrows is pruned cleanly and correctly. After that, use a eyebrow brush to brush your eyebrows into the defined place, take a look over your eyebrow to see the natural shape of your eyebrows.
Should Not:
Do not keep distance / silence with your trimmer. Communicating and exchanging with a cosmetologist will help you easy to have the eyebrow shape you expected and most suitable for you. You want a low, medium, high, curved or sharp eyebrow, let’s talk to your cosmetologist.
Do not use any product on your eyebrows right after making eyebrows threading. Leave at least 2 hours before using moisturizer, detergent or making up directly to the eyebrow area to keep the bacteria from digging into your hair root.
Do not use the trimmer knife while threading eyebrows. These knives will not only remove completely eyebrows but also makes the left hair thicker and rougher. This can make hairs grow backwards and difficulties for later plucking.


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