Dental health: How often should I schedule an appointment with my dentist?

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Clean and healthy teeth are vital to your overall health. You could be a person who gives great importance to your oral hygiene by flossing, brushing, cleaning your teeth and using a mouthwash regularly.
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In spite of taking good care of your oral health, you could still end up with dental issues which may or may not be visible quickly. Scheduling an appointment with your dentist at regular intervals could help you identify dental health issues that you might not see or feel.

Certain conditions like cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer need not be visible until it reaches an advanced stage. Visiting your dentist on a regular basis would help them identify the problem during the initial stages and get it treated quickly.

The procedure would be much simpler, less painful and you can get it fixed at a much lower cost. You can visit Family Braces for a thorough dental check-up by experienced dentists. 

Look for changes in dental health

You should be alert about changes in your dental health. It is really important that you fix an appointment with your dentist if you notice dental health issues like high levels of sensitivity, bleeding and swollen gums, a toothache that is persistent and if you have broken or chipped teeth. Don’t forget that if you ignore a dental issue that needs to be fixed, you’ll end up in a much worse situation.

Patients belonging to the high-risk group

Depending on the requirements of health, people belonging to the high-risk category might need to visit their dentist more often. Some of the people belonging to this category are:

Women who are pregnant

Certain pregnancy hormones cause gum inflammation known as gingivitis, severe tooth decay, and increased levels of sensitivity. Enamel erosion could happen due to severe acid reflux and morning sickness. So, pregnant women need to visit their dentist more frequently and let them know of any change in their oral health. Unless you address the dental health issues in time you could end up in a preterm labor due to oral infections.

Tobacco smokers

Certain ingredients in the cigarettes could increase the risk of having tooth decay and gum diseases like periodontitis. Your dentist could give you the right treatment and advice you on how to take care of your oral health.

Diabetic patients

Diabetic patients have a higher risk of gum diseases, infections caused by fungus and other dental issues. Visiting your dentist regularly could help you prevent such situations.

Heart diseases

Regular dental check-ups reduce the chance of a heart attack or stroke as your dental health has influence over the functioning of your heart.

Patients with cancer

The treatment of cancer causes dry mouth and several oral infections. You need to visit your dentist regularly to prevent such issues.

There are no fixed intervals of time at which you should visit your dentist because each individual has a different dental health. However, your dentist will be able to advise you on how often you need to visit their clinic based on your oral health, certain risk factors and your overall health.


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